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Symptoms and treatment for Anisakis simplex

Sx: Pain, vomiting, allergic rxn (urticaria, itchy throat, anaphylactic shock)
Tx: endoscopic removal


Pathogenesis and risk factors for getting schistosomiasis

Trematodes (flat flukes)
risk: swimming in feces water
snail-- free worms -- penetrate human skin-- blood-- liver --eggs in bowel/bladder
migrates against venous blood flow to liver

patho: granulomas (eggs and eosinophils) → fibrosis of liver and urinary tract → obstruction and portal HTN


Symptoms for Schistosomiasis

sx: swimmer’s itch, portal htn, liver problems, hematuria, squamous cell carcinoma of bladder


Histology and treatment for Schistosomiasis

histo: eggs in stool: spines look different: mansoni =large lateral spine; japonicum= small lateral spine; haematobium= large terminal spine
tx: praziquantel


Discuss the presentation and treatment of Taenia solium if obtained from infected meat

source:worm infected meat (pig) worm has hooks unlike saginata (beef tapeworm)
dz: taeniasis- GI sx; attaches to intestinal wall, consumes food ingested by host, eggs are then passed in feces
tx: praziquantel


If Taenia solium is obtained from eggs in feces water, how does it present? How do we treat it?

dz: eggs hatch in intestines, penetrate intestinal wall and travel to other tissue: cysticercosis- cysts in skin and neurocysticercosis- cysts in brain = sz and hydrocephalus
patho: hooklets attach to GI tract → auto-reproduce--> brain/muscle/skin
tx: albendazole


How do we get Echinococcus granulosis and what is it?

cestodes (tapeworms)
source: dogs through feces; sheep are intermediate host


Symptoms of tape worm

sx: echinococcal cyst in liver (also lung, brain, bones) with egg shell calcifications
cyst rupture may have anaphylactic rxn and acute abdomen


How do we diagnose and treat tapeworm?

dx: imaging
tx: albendazole