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What are the 6 key influences that may affect your involvement in sport?

People, image, cultural factors, resources, health and well-being and socio-economic factors.


'People' is a key influence. What are the 3 sub-headings within this category?

Family, friends and role models.


Fashion and media coverage are part of which key influence?



If someone is unable to afford a sporting activity, which influence has prevented them from being about to do this?

Socio-economic (cost)


'Resources' is a key influence. What are the 4 sub-headings within this category?

Availability, location, access and time.


What are the 4 different ways that you can be involved in sport?

Player, Volunteer, Official and Coach.


Name 3 characteristics of a good Coach.

Good knowledge of the sport, enthusiastic, good communication skills, good leadership skills.


Name 3 characteristics of a good Official.

Good knowledge of the rules, fair, firm, good communication skills.


What are the 4 levels of The Sports Participation Pyramid, start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Foundation, Participation, Performance, Excellence.


What are the 3 aims of initiatives?

To increase participation, to retain people in physical activity and to provide opportunities for talented performers.


Who are Sport England?

A public body who support NGBs.


What are the 3 aims of Sport England's initiatives?

To increase participation in sport, to keep people involved in sport and to support elite performers by working with UK Sport.


Who are the Youth Sports Trust?

An independent charity who aim to give many children the benefits of participating in sport.


What does the Youth Sports Trust do?

Work with schools and NGBs to establish new clubs on school sites, create the next generation of volunteers and coaches and support sports colleges.


What are NGBs?

National Governing Bodies - they increase the number and skill level of those who participate in their sport.


Name 3 NGBs.

The FA, England Netball, England Athletics, Badminton England, British Gymnastics (there are many more!)