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How many embers were on this trip?

6 members on this expedition


Who were the 6 members?

1. Peter Forsskal - prove Linnaeus theories
2. Fredrick Christian Von Haven - philologist (translator/language)
3. Carsten Niebuhr - Cartographer
4. Christian Carl Kramer - Physician
5. George Baurenfeind - Artist/Painter
6. Berggren - Swedish Dragoon (military/ defence)


When did the expedition begin & end?

Jan (1761) to Nov (1767)
7 years


What was the expedition route?

{BEGIN}Constantinople & Alexandria -----> Cairo ---> (Red Sea to) Yemen ----> Bombay ----> Oman ---> Persia ----> Iraq ---> Syria ---> Palestine ---> (detour) Cyprus ---> Jerusalem ---> Constantinople ---> Copenhagen (Eastern Europe) {END}


What were the rules to follow during expedition

1. Everyone will be treated equally
2. Have no relations with local women...can arouse desire for revenge
3. Be courteous and don't raise any objections to their way of life
4. Draw least attention as possible


Describe the city of Mocca

Rich traders place
1st bad experience (preservation of animals went bad)
Ran out of 98% alcohol


Where did all deaths take place

Yemen - Von haven & Forsskal
Bombay - Baurenfeind , Berggren & Kramer


Who was the only survivor

Carsten Niebuhr


What was a conflict during the expedition

Forsskal and Von haven wanted to be expedition leader
Niebuhr became mediator btwn conflict


Who was appointed treasurer during expedition



What was Nieburhs lasting impression in world

Made it possible for ships to sail beyond Red Sea as far as Suez
Made map of Yemen
Published book describing Arabia
Edited Forsskals book "flora"


What was Forsskals lasting impression in world

Work pioneered field of marine biology & migratory birds
Gathered 1800 plant samples
Front runner in plant biology & plant geography
-worked on book "Flora" before death


What's Von havens lasting impression on world

Acquisitions formed new core in royal societies manuscript collection from the New East


What were the cause of intermittent fevers then eventual deaths during expedition

Malaria = caused by Mosquitos transferring parasitic bug