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What usually causes an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQ_UAL message?

A device driver


What usually causes a BSOD message that says UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP?

The computer's memory


What usually causes a BSOD message that says KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR?

The paging file


What is the error screen displayed by Windows upon encountering a critical error that causes the system to crash?

The blue screen of death (BSOD)


What occurs when an application attempts to use a portion of memory that is either already in use or is not valid?

A general protection fault (GPF)


What should you do if you touch an application on a touch screen device and either an incorrect application opens or nothing happens?

Calibrate the touch screen


What four factors affect drive thrashing?

• The hard drive
• Memory
• Paging file
• Running processes


Why does drive thrashing occur?

It occurs when an excessive amount of data is moved between physical RAM and the paging file


What is the purpose of the repeat delay value in the Keyboard Properties dialog box?

It controls how long a keyboard waits to start repeating a character


What is the purpose of the repeat rate value in the keyboard properties dialogue box?

It determines how quickly a character repeats once the repetition of that character starts


What should you do to connect over a network to a locally attached printer?

The computer to which the printer is physically attached must first configure printer sharing on the computer. Then the printer must be shared.


What does a mirrored display do?

It shows the same desktop as that of the primary display


What does an extended display do?

It increases the desktop area to include all monitors connected to the computer


Which device would cause a SMART error?

A hard drive


What should you do to ensure that screws are not lost when you remove them from the motherboard and to ensure that the screws are replaced in the appropriate location?

Label the screws and attach them to a piece of tape.


What does a single beep hears after the power-on-self-test (POST) usually mean?

No problem exists


Which type of memory error normally occurs once and disappears after the computer is rebooted?

Soft memory error


What could be the problem if a computer automatically reboots?

An overheating CPU


What is the most likely source of a problem that causes a lock up during the POST or very shortly thereafter?

The processor


What is usually the problem if a computer suddenly begins to make a clicking noise?

Hard disk crash


Why would the USB ports not appear in Device Manager?

The USB ports are disabled in the BIOS


What would happen if both the hard drives on a single IDE bus are configured as master drives?

The computer will not be able to boot from either of the connected drives.


What should you do if a computer does not recognize a second HDD?

Enable the option to recognize the device in the BIOS settings.


What is the MOST likely cause of the following error message: "General Failure Reading Drive A, Abort, Retry, Fail?"

Damaged or unformatted floppy disk


If a computer system is not displaying any lights and has no apparent signs of activity, what is the MOST likely source of the problem?

The power supply


What does a yellow exclamation point in Device Manager indicate regarding resources?

A resource conflict with another device.


A computer's time clock is constantly losing time. What could be the primary reason for this?

The CMOS battery requires a replacement


After adding a working power supply and a working processor to your computer, why would the computer make no sound and produce no lights when turned on?

Motherboard failure


You want to prevent your computer from detecting an onboard network interface card. Where should you configure this option?

CMOS setup


You want your system to detect USB mouse and keyboard in DOS mode. Where should you configure this option?

CMOS setup


Which two methods should you use to reset the BIOS password if you forgot the password?

Remove the CMOS battery, or short the jumper on the motherboard to reset the CMOS


Which message is displayed at bootup if the CMOS battery is defective or if the system configuration is invalid?

"Strike F1 key ti continue"


What does a single beep heard after the POST test usually indicate?

No problem exists/Normal startup


What should you check first if a Windows system experiences frequent page faults?



What is the most common symptom of a system that has insufficient RAM and little free disk space

Poor system performance


A few keys on your laptop's keyboard stop functioning. What could be the most probable cause for this problem?

The keyboard connector is loose or not seated properly.


Which tool should you use to pick up a screw that has fallen accidentally on a computer's motherboard?

A three-pronged parts retriever


While cleaning a CRT monitor, where should you spray the cleaning solution?

You should spray the cleaning solution on a dust and lint-free soft cloth


What is MOST likely to fail if the system-board battery is disconnected?



What is the result of power supply fluctuations?

Fluctuations can damage hardware components.


What should you do to upgrade firmware on a motherboard?

Flash the BIOS


Which term is used for replacing the firmware within BIOS?

Flashing the BIOS


What are the new type of biodegradable cleaners that are more effective then other cleaners and more economical for cleaning circuit boards and contacts?

Citrus-based cleaners


What should you use to clean a keyboard?

A vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air


Where should you apply a liquid cleaning solution when cleaning connectors and contacts on a motherboard?

On a lint-free swab


Which type of cleaning swabs should you use to wipe off electrical contacts and connectors, disk drive heads, and other sensitive areas of a PC?

Foam or synthetic chamois material swabs


What should you do before cleaning a computer display device?

Turn off the power to the display device


What should you do first before installing or removing memory from a computer?

Power down the system and unplug the power cord


What should you do first to replace the BIOS chip after backing up the CMOS RAM settings?

Power down the system and unplug the power cord


What two things should you check in a computer when it gives a single beep during POST, but there is no display?

You should check the power to the monitor and check whether a monitor cable is connected to the computer


When troubleshooting a computer problem, what knowledge do you require to isolate unnecessary causes for a problem?

Knowledge of different operating systems and configuration settings


Which troubleshooting step involves reproducing the error?

Information gathering


While gathering information from the client, what should you do to ensure that you do not ask the client to repeat the information?

Document all the information


What is the recommended method to clean dust from a keyboard

Use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner


What could be the MOST likely cause when a computer is dead with no beep and no error message?

Power cord or power supply failure


What could be done when the POST is unable to identify the processor correctly?

Check the motherboard jumper settings or check for the latest BIOS for the motherboard


What should a technician use to clean an LCD monitor screen?

Use a paper towel or lint free cloth dipped in water and wipe the screen gently


What should a technician do FIRST while cleaning a CRT monitor?

Unplug the monitor


What is the recommended method to clean the computer case?

Use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol


What is the recommended method to clean dust from inside the computer?

Use compressed air


What would happen if thermal compound is not used on the processor?

The processor will be damaged due to overheating


What could be the MOST likely reason for your computer to show 488 MB of RAM instead of 512 MB?

The computer has shared video RAM


What should you use while installing a new CPU to ensure that the computer does not restart due to overheating CPU?

Use thermal compound, a heat sink, and a CPU fan


Will a problem with an IDE hard drive or IDE CD-ROM be detected in a POST test?



What could be the most likely cause if a computer fails the POST test but does not produce any beep codes?

The computer's speaker is not attached


What should you FIRST suggest to a user if the user reports a blank screen on the monitor and you have verified the monitor is plugged in?

Suggest they check whether the monitor is switched on


What should you do FIRST when a user reports that the monitor is not working?

Check whether the monitor cable is plugged in


Which settings should you check in your computer while relocating to a European country?

Check the voltage selector on the power supply for the correct voltage


What does a 201 error during the POST indicate?

Errors with the system memory


Which components commonly cause a problem in POST on a computer does not complete successfully?

CPU and memory


What is removing external magnetism from a CRT monitor called?



How many slave drives can you install on a single IDE controller?



How many master drives can you install on a single IDE controller?



What should you do to install a DVD-ROM on a computer that already has one hard drive as master and CD-ROM as slave installed on the primary IDE cable?

Set the DVD-ROM as Master on the secondary IDE controller.


What should you do first before yous tart working inside a computer case?

Power down the system and unplug the power supply


If a computer is not booting at all, what should you do first to troubleshoot the problem?

Check the power supply


What problem will you face if you try to connect a 1,5 V Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) card to a 3.3 V AGP slot?

A 1.5 V card will not fit in a 3.3 V slot. Similarly, a 3.3 V card will not fit in a 1.5 V slot.


You detach a motherboard from the computer case for repair. What should you inspect first?

You should inspect for any signs of physical damage to the motherboard.


While checking for any physical damage on a motherboard, which motherboard components should you check?

Bent or broken socket pins, chips, and leaking or burned up capacitors


What is the minimum free disk space required to run the Disk Defragmenter utility in Windows?



What is the purpose of using the Disk Defragmenter utility in Windows?

The Disk Defragmenter utility reorganizes a scattered file into a contiguous location


What will be the result of removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard?

The BIOS settings, including the BIOS password, will be reset to defaults


Which command displays all current TCP/IP network configurations, including the IP address of a computer?

ipconfig /all


Which command is used to send Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request packets to a specified host to verify whether the host is responding or not?



Which Windows configuration utility allows you to select various startup options?

msconfig.exe, also referred to as the System Configuration Utility


What is the problem if your laptop display is fine when your computer first boots, and then has problems after booting into the operating system?

The video driver is incorrect


An operating system does not display the exact capacity of a hard drive. What is the most probably cause of the problem?

The BIOS settings


What is the first step you should take to troubleshoot a computer that is behaving erratically?

Reboot the computer


Which mode should you use if you want to uninstall a device driver, but the computer will not boot properly?

Safe Mode


What are the two main problems experienced by internal modems?

Resource conflicts and improper seating


What should you do FIRST when upgrading the motherboard of a computer?

Confirm the CMOS settings


What should you do when you receive an illegal IO port address error after upgrading your computer's operating system?

Upgrade the BIOS


Which address should you ping when you want to verify whether a NIC card is working properly?

Ping the loopback address (


What will MOST likely happen if a keyboard is not cleaned for a long time?

Keys may stop working or stick


What should you do when the fan on the power supply becomes damaged?

Replace the power supply


Which Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) ID is recommended for the CD-ROM?



What is the easiest method to ensure that a portable computer battery is not charging at all?

Unplug the AC adapter cable while the portable computer is running


Typically, when does a central processing unit's (CPU's) fan make noise in a computer?

The fan blades may be dirty or unbalanced, or the CPU may be running at 90% or above


Which Windows feature is used to ensure that when unplugging an external device, the device has finished all operations and is ready to be removed?

The Safely Remove Hardware feature


Why does a fan on a portable computer start running while you are writing a text document?

The fan on a portable computer starts running after the temperature reaches a certain level


Why does a fan on a portable computer stop running shortly after the computer boots up?

The fan stops running after the temperature drops to a certain level.


What solutions can you use to clean the LCD screen of your portable computer?

A mixture of mild soap and water or isopropyl alcohol and water


Why should you remove the battery when working on a portable computer?

You do not want to accidentally turn on the computer due to a mechanical jolt or a short caused by a screwdriver


What are four basic components that can go wrong with a computer's video?

The video controller, the screen, the backlight, or the inverter


When the backlight in a portable computer flickers or fails, what component needs to be replaced?

The inverter


If your LCD display is not working on your portable computer, what should you do to test if the LCD screen has failed or if the integrated controller on the motherboard has failed?

Test the computer with an external monitor to see if the video integrated controller on the motherboard is working


What could be the reason you do not hear a portable computer's fan when you turn on your computer?

It could be a power or motherboard failure


How does a notebook cooler work?

A notebook cooler is a pad to rest your portable computer that dissipates heat through fans powered by a USB connection to the computer.


Why will a portable computer prematurely shut down while working on a hotel bed?

The bed is not a flat surface an may block much needed airflow required for cooling


What are three things you can do to extend the portable computer's battery life?

To extend the batter life, you can do the following: try decreasing the LCD brightness while using your notebook; Activate the 'Standby' power saving mode; Activate the 'Hibernation' power saving mode.


Which portable computer battery type must be fully discharged and fully recharged every two weeks?

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)


Which four maintenance tasks should you perform on a portable Windows computer?

You should perform the following tasks:
•Apply Windows updates
•Update your virus scanning software regularly
•Check for spyware
•Defragment your hard disk


What should be done if a computer does not recognize a device connected to a FireWire port?

Test with each FireWire port if the computer has more than one port.


What are the prerequisites for performing a hardware upgrade on a laptop?

Disconnect the power and remove the battery


What could be the MOST likely cause when numbers appear on the laptop screen instead of certain letters when typing?

Numbers Lock is on


What should you do after replacing a DC controller in a laser printer?

Calibrate the printer


When should you calibrate your color printer?

When colors are not correct and lines are smudged


What maintenance must you perform on an inkjet printer that you suspect has clogged ink in the print head?

Run the cleaning cycle on the printer


Which component of an inkjet printer should be replaced when the print quality decreases?

Inkjet cartridge


Which Windows console should you use to start or stop the Print Spooler service while troubleshooting a printer problem?

The Services console


What is the main disadvantage of performing low-resolution printing?

Low print quality


What is the main advantage of performing low-resolution printing?

High speed printing


A laser printer frequently pulls more than one sheet of paper at a time from the paper tray. What is the MOST likely cause of this problem?



Which error will occur if there is not enough memory in a printer to a document?

A memory overflow error


What could be the reason if a paper is not being fed into the printer?

Print roller problem


What is the MOST likely reason for poor quality, smudged characters, and badly formed characters printed by a dot matrix printer?

A damaged pin in a print head and a damaged printer ribbon


Why does the computer not recognize a new scanner after connecting a new scanner to your Windows XP computer?

You should load the device drivers before connecting the scanner to the computer


What should you tell a user if the user wanted to print to a different printer?

Connect to the printer. Choose the printer in the print options of the application.


How can you ensure that a user can print to the same printer from any application?

Set the printer as the default printer


Which tool in Windows XP can you use to troubleshoot common printer problems?

Printer Troubleshooter


What should a technician check first if a user who has been able to print to a local printer suddenly cannot print to that printer?

See if the printer is online or has paper. Also check the print cable and power cable.


What is commonly used to clean print heads on dot-matrix printers?

Isopropyl Alcohol


What should you do after changing the ink cartridge on your printer to ensure that the printer prints full colors correctly?

Calibrate the printer


Why should you not shake a print cartridge after you have removed the sealing tape and installed the cartridge?

Toner will spill inside the printer


What should you do if your printouts are slightly out of alignment?

Calibrate the printer


What should you do to fix blurred images on a paper after replacing the ink jet cartridge?

Print a calibration page


What is the best way to clean the nozzle of an inkjet printer?

Use the printer's cleaning cycle


Which substance is used to clean a laser printer?

Isopropyl alcohol solution


What should you ensure before calibrating your printer if the printer is not printing full colors correctly?

Ensure you are using the correct printer driver


what should you do if your printer prints junk characters?

Install the correct driver software


What should you do if your printer does not print full colors correctly even after installing the correct drivers?

Calibrate the printer


What should you check when the system cannot detect the printer connected to the LPT port?

Check the printer cable


What should you print to check a printer after the driver is installed?

Test page


What should you ensure while troubleshooting a printer or scanner connected to a Windows computer?

That the printer or scanner was working earlier


Which command should you use at the command prompt to start the Print Spooler service?

The net start spooler command


Which service controls the printer queue in a Windows computer?

The Printer Spooler service


What would be the most probable reason for toner spillage in a new laser printer?

Defective cartridge


What could be the result of a defective toner cartridge in a new laser printer?

Toner spillage


Which environmental factor can cause multiple sheet feeding and paper jam problems in printers?



What are the two main printer paper-related problems caused by humidity?

Multiple sheet feeding and paper jams


What can be the most probable cause for smeared prints and flaking toner in a laser printer?

High humidity


What will be the result of using a coarse paper in a laser printer?

Course paper will wear out the paper path


A dot-matrix printer is printing only one-half of each character. Which component is causing the problem?

Print head


Which component should be replaced in a laser printer when you receive error code 50?

Fuser assembly


What should you do first when troubleshooting a printer for not printing text and images properly?

Print a test page


A user is experiencing printing problems with the printer. What should you do first to eliminate the problem with the printer mechanism?

Perform a self test from the printer


Which laser printer component should be cleaned if the printer paper has streaks on it?

The transfer corona wire


Which software option is used to modify the page orientation when printing?

Page Setup or Print Setup


What are the two page orientations that can be selected for printing a page?

Portrait and Landscape, also referred to as vertical and horizontal


What could be the most probable reason when a laser printer takes a considerable amount of processing time for printing high-resolution images?

Low memory


What should you do to decrease the processing time of a laser print for printing high-end graphic images?

Increase the printer memory


When installing an inkjet printer, you remove the external packing material and the packing tape securing the top cover. Which other packing materials should be removed before installing the ink cartridge?

The packing tape securing the print head carriage


What should you do to ensure that a printer operates successfully after an operating system upgrade?

Install the printer driver for new operating system


You install a new inkjet printer. What should you do to match monitor images with the prints?

Calibrate the printer


What should you do if printed documents continue to have missing colors even after calibrating the printer?

Install a new ink or toner cartridge


Which type of laser printer problem can be prevented by ensuring that the paper tray is inserted properly keeping humidity levels moderate and by using high quality paper?

Paper jam problem


Which two types of cleaning liquids are recommended for cleaning the glass surface of a flatbed scanner?

Isopropyl alcohol and water


What type of paper towels should you use to clean the glass surface of flatbed scanners?

Lint-free paper towels


Which component in a laser printer becomes extremely hot and should be allowed to cool before performing preventative maintenance?



Which components are included in a typical laser printer maintenance kit?

Paper pickup rollers, paper feed/separation rollers, a transfer roller and a fuser assemble


What is the most economical and recommended method to maintain and repair a laser jet printer?

Use a maintenance kit


Which component in a laser printer is most subject to mechanical wear due to excessive heat and pressure and requires regular cleaning or replacement?

Fuser assembly


According to the CompTIA A+ Essentials 2009 exam guide, what are the six steps in the troubleshooting process?

1. Identify the problem
2. Analyze the problem
3. Test components
4. Establish a plan of action
5. Evaluate the results
6. Document findings, actions, and outcomes


Which connector has either 6 or 15 pins and is used to provide power to a hard drive in a laptop or desktop computer, respectively?

A Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) power connector


How many pins are in a MOLEX power connector?

4 pins


Which feature makes it appear as if two processors are installed when only one processor is physically installed?



Why is the speed of the existing processor important if you plan to install a second processor?

The two processors can only operate at the speed of the slowest processor


Which processor is referred to as processor 1?

Processor 1 is the second processor installed in the motherboard. The first processor installed is referred to as processor 0.


What is the problem if you can hear the sound when speakers are plugged into a new CD-ROM drive, but not when the speakers are plugged into the sound card?

You need to attach the audio cable from the CD-ROM drive to the sound card.


Which tool should you use to track a cable from the computer to a wiring closet?

A tone generator


What is the purpose of a multimeter?

To test power and voltage


Before performing any major hardware changes on a computer, what should you do FIRST regarding data stored in that computer?

Back up the data


Which hardware tool assists in removing the motherboard, standoffs, jumpers, and stubborn cable connectors?

Needle-nose pliers