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definition of 'efficacious and specific' treatment?

two or more research groups have found that this treatment works better than another treatment or a nonspecific control


definition of 'efficacious' treatment?

at least two research groups have found this treatment to be more efficacious than its absence


definition of 'possibly efficacious' treatment?

supported by evidence from one research group, awaiting replication


Treatment of choice for someone with OCD and why?

ERP: if individual is prevented from carrying out their ritual, their anxiety will naturally abate through the process of habituation, decreasing association between intrusive thought and compulsion.

Possible cognitive aspects: participants' expectations are altered in ERP, corrective info is incorporated in activated fear structures


What are the 5 main symptom dimensions of OCD according to DSM-IV?

1. contamination obsessions with cleaning/washing rituals
2. doubts about harm with checking/reassurance seeking rituals
3. obsessions relating to a need for exactness, symmetry, completeness ass. with arranging, repeating or ordering rituals
4. unacceptable thoughts of a violent, sexual or religious nature with covert mental rituals
5. hoarding


Are any of OCD's symptom dimensions less responsive to treatment?