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Define primary health care.

Care provided by doctors, dentist and opticians, for example.


Define secondary health care.

Care which includes most hospital services, normally assessed via the GP or other professional.


Define territory health care.

Specialist and often complex care provided in highly specialised units and hospitals, for example spinal injury units.


Define NHS foundation trusts.

Health services, largely financed by government that manage the delivery of hospital services, many mental health services and community health services in England.


Define morbidity.

The levels of ill health in a particular area, in this case the GP practice area.


Define mortality.

The death rate in a particular area.


Define community care assessment.

Professional assessment of care needs provided by a local authority adult services department, which also provides help and advice in accessing services to best meet the service user's need.


Define carer's assessment.

Assessment of the needs of informal carers providing support for a vulnerable person, such as a person with a physical disability, a person with mental health need or a frail older person.


Define national eligibility criteria.

Criteria applied to decide whether a service user is entitled to support from the local authority social services department.


Define personal budget/ direct payment.

A cash payment made directly to the service user so that they pay for identified and necessary care services to be provided.


Define pressure groups.

People who come together to campaign to improve the services offered to their members. They aim to influence public opinion and government decisions.