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When does acute pyelonephritis occur ?

Acute pyelonephritis occurs when there is exudate purulent inflammation of the renal pelvis. This can occur with or without the renal parenchyma


What may acute pyelonephritis be ?

ascending or haematogenous


What are the complications that may occur as a result of acute pyelonephritis ?

SAP: sepsis, Abscess, papillary necrosis and preterm labour in pregnancy


What does chronic pyelonephritis occur due to ?

CP occurs due to recurrent infections which lead to scarring and progressive renal impairment


What are the 2 types of chronic pyelonephritis and state what they they are due to ?

Reflux associated CP: Due to Vesico-ureteric reflex
Obstructive CP: due to stones


What are the complications of chronic pyelonephritis?

chronic renal failure and end stage renal disease (ESRD)


What are the four symptoms of a UTI ? 😭

1. frequency, urgency, nocturia 2. dysuria, 3. Haematuria and 4. suprabupic pain


What are the four symptoms of an UUTI ?

1. loin/flank pain, 2.Fever, rigors and shaking, 3. Vomiting and 4. oliguria if AKI


What are the 4 symptoms of prostatitis ?

1. flu-like symptoms, 2. back pain, 3. swollen and tender penis and 4. fewer urinary symptoms


How may older patients with a urinary tract infection present ?

confusion and incontinence


How may younger patients present ?

poor feeding, fever and failure to thrive


What are the 3 signs of a UTI ?

foul-smelling urine, vaginal discharge if female and enlarged prostate(males/bladder


What are the factors that predispose to a UTI ?

BBCS Very Shit: 1. Being female and pregnancy/menopause, 2. Bladder outlet obstruction (TCC and BPH), 3. Catheterization, 4.Stones and spermicide birth control, 5. vesicoureteric reflex and 6.STIs/STDs


State one condition the can predispose an individual to a UTI



State the common pathogens that cause a UTI infection 😭

KEEPs and TB
klebsiella, E.coli, Epidermidis, Pseudomonas, proteus and streptococcus and TB


What 2 urine tests would you do ? 😭

urine dipstick MSU and culture


What 6 blood tests would you do ? 😭

blood culture, FBC, U and Es, CRP, ESR and LACTATE


State the 3 basic imaging you would do ? 😭

USS, IVU and AXR; kidney stones


What 2 things are common in patients with renal tuberculosis ?

Sterile pyuria (high WCC despite no infection and post TB infection


Along with the above, what would you look for in order to identify Renal tuberculous? 😭

risk factors for TB and UTI and look a the ESR and CRP