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what is the hilum of the kidney and what is it for?

it is a depression of thin the kidneys surface where vessels and nerves pas where ureter exits the kidneys and the renal pelvis is the proximal end of the ureter


what is the renal sinus

fat filled cavity enclosing the renal atery vein and lymph and the ureter and nerve fibers


what is the capsule of the kidney made out of

outer layer has dense CT collagen and fibroblasts and niner layer has myofibroblasts


what is the cortex of the kidney

outer region, tissue over the base of pyramid is the cortical arch,


what are the renal comums of bertins

consisting of the cortical tissue but resides in the between and is a part of the medulla.


what does the apex of each pyramids drain its unrine into

minor calyx, to major calyx to ureter to bladder to potty,


what is the cortical labyrinth

contains renal corpuscles, convoluted tubes, and collecting tubes


what are the medullary rays

proximal straight, distal and collecting ducts.


what is a uriniferous tubule

a nephron and its collecting tuble


what is a nephrone

is the structural and functional unit of the kidney


what is a renal lobe consist of

medullary pyramide and the underlying cortical tissue and half the column of burton on either side


what is a renal lobule

a collecting duct and all the collecting tubules that connect to it


what are the parts of the nephron

the renal corpusal proximal convoluted tubule, loop of henry, distal convoluted tubule, and the collecting tubule


what are the parts of the renal corpusal

glomerulus capillaries, bowmans capsule, bowmans space, vasuclar pole uninary pole, filtration barrier.


what are the two parts of the bowmans capsule

visceral made of podocytes covers the glomerulys and the pariateial on the outside made of simple squamous epithilium.


what does bowmans space contain

Ultrafiltrate , is located between the two layers of bowmans capsule


what are the vascular and unrinary poles

the ends where the blood comes in and the unrine comes out.


describe the podocytes

primary process does not touch the vessels secounray does with the pedicles and form filtration slits that have a diaphram made of nephron


what is the filtration barrier made of.

glycoproteins, fenestrated endothelium capularies without diaphrams, basal lamina, subpodocyte space, and visceral layer of bowmans.


what do mesangial cells do

they phagocyte the old basal lamina when needed and new basal lamina will form.


what is alports syndrome

defective type 4 collagen makes you pee out blood and proteins because of a defective basal lamina barrier


what is the structure of the proximal tubule

simple cubodial epithelium has microvilli contains has brush border has loads of mitochondria so eosiniphil


what is the structure of the thin limb of the henles loop

makes a haripin loop and is lined with simple squamous epithelium.


what is the structure of the distal straight tuble or thick ascending limb of the loop of henle

low cuboidal epithelium with few microville more mitochondria then PCT


what is the structure of the distal convoluted tubule

wider and clearer luman pale granular cytoplasm and smaller cells with more cells per CS profile


what is the macula densa

modified segment of the distal tubule between the afferent and effernet arterioles has chemoreceptors.


what is the Juctaglomerular apparatus

macula densa dn the JG cells which contain renin and are modified smooth muscle cells in the unica media of the afferent arteriole


what is the collecting duct

part of the uniniferous tubule but not the nephron.


what is the distal collecting duct drain into

connectin tubule or an arched collecting tubule that drains into a cortical collectin duct, or a medullary collecting duct.


what is a papillary collecting duct of bellini

formed from several medullary collecting tubules converging lined with tall epithelium they all open into the apex of the pyramid into the minor calyx


what part of the ureter contains three layers of muscles

the lower one third