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Crude oils burn cleanly so they make good [ ]
What is it used for?

Most modern transport (cars, boats, trains and planes).
Parts of crude oil are also burned in central heating in homes and power stations to generate electricity


What can crude oil also provide as well as fuels?

The raw materials for making various chemicals, including plastics


Why are crude oil fractions often the easiest and cheapest thing to use?

Everything is set up for oil fractions, eg, petrol/diesel stations are everywhere


Crude oil is more reliable than [ ] and safer than [ ]

renewable power
Nuclear power


Crude oil is a [ ] fuel



Due to new [ ], we can now access oil reserves that were to difficult or [ ] to extract



What is the alternative to crude oil as a fuel?

Renewable sources (wind, solar, tidal etc.)


What are the 2 main environmental problems with crude oil?

1) Oil spills can happen as the oil is being transported by tanker = disaster for local environment. Birds get covered in it and are poisoned as they try to clean themselves. Other creatures, like sea otters and whales are poisoned too.
2) You have to burn crude oil to release energy from it = major cause of global warming, acid rain and global dimming