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What does cracking mean?

means splitting up long-chain hydrocarbons by passing vapour over a hot catalyst


What do long-chain hydrocarbons form? Useful?

Form thick, gloopy liquids like tar which aren't very useful


What are a lot of the longer molecules produced from fractional distillation done with?

They are turned into smaller molecules by cracking


What substances does cracking produce? and what are they used for?

Mostly alkanes
Petrol (Car fuel) and Paraffin (Jet fuel)
Ethene for plastics


What kind of reaction is cracking?

Thermal decomposition - breaking molecules down by heating them


Describe the process of cracking

1) Heat the long-chain hydrocarbon to vaporise it (turn it into a gas)
2) The vapour is then passed over a powdered catalyst (aluminium oxide) at a temp of 400-700°C
3) The long chain loecules slpit apart on the surface of the specks of catalyst


What are unsaturated hydrocarbons?