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What are 3 properties for metals in general?

Strong, bendy and great conductors (heat and electricity)


Where on the periodic table are the non-metals?

The far right


Why are metals used in everyday uses?

1) Their strength and 'bendability' makes them useful for making things like bridges and car bodies.
2) Metals are ideal for anything where you need heat to transfer through it (saucepan bases)
3) Conductivity useful for electrical wires


Some metals [ ] when exposed to air and water, so they need protected (painting). What is the issue with this?

Corroded metals lose their strength and hardness


What is metal fatigue?

Metals can get 'tired' when stresses and strains are repeatedly put on them over time. Leads to metals breaking - very dangerous


Describe the properties of copper and uses

Good conductor of electricity - ideal for drawing out into electrical wires. It's hard and string but can be bent. Doesn't react with water.


Describe the properties of Aluminium

Corrosion resistant, low density. Pure aluminium isn't particularly strong, but it forms hard, strong alloys


Describe the properties of Titanium

Low density metal. Very strong. Corrosion resistant


Different metals are chosen for their use depending on their different [ ]



What metal would you pick for plumbing? Why?

Criteria: Metal that could bend for pipes and tanks. Below hydrogen on the reactivity series so it doesn't react with water.
Answer: Copper


What metal would you pick for aeroplanes? Why?

Criteria: Strong metal, bent into shape, and light
Answer: Aluminium


What metal would you pick for replacement hips? Why?

Criteria: Won't corrode in contact with water. Light and not too bendy.
Answer: Titanium