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Most common cause of urinary tract obstruction?

Posterior urethral valves


Tetrad of HSP?

1. Rash
2. Arthralgias
3. Abdominal pain
4. Renal disease – IGA deposition


Child under 24 months with the first febrile UTI – appropriate follow-up?

Renal/bladder ultrasound to evaluate for anatomic abnormalities


Indications for renal/bladder ultrasound?

1. Infants under 24 months with the first febrile UTI
2. Recurrent febrile UTIs children
3. UTI and child with family history of renal/urologic disease, hypertension, poor growth
4. No response to anabiotic treatment


Indications for voiding cystourethrogram?

1. Ultrasound shows hydronephrosis, renal scarring, vesicourethral reflux, obstructive uropathy
2. Recurrent febrile UTI
3. First febrile UTI with non-E. coli organism or family history of neurologic disease, hypertension, renal disease