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Most common cause of hip pain in children? Preceded by? Treatment?

Transient synovitis; URI; Ibuprofen and rest


Maneuvers for hip laxity? Interpretation/follow-up based on age? Treatment

1. Barlow and Ortolani maneuvers
2. Extension of inguinal folds

Under two weeks: normal
Two weeks to six months – hip ultrasound
Over six months – hip x-ray

Pavlik harness?


Normal labs except decreased phosphorus, rachitic rosary

X linked hypophosphatemic rickets


Jones criteria?

Need 2 major OR one major +2 minor

1. Carditis
2. Migratory polyarthritis
3. Erythema marginata
4. Chorea
5. Subcutaneous nodules

Minor criteria:
1. Arthralgia
2. Fever
3. Elevated CRP/ESR
4. Prolonged PR interval