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It's from disease versus meconium is this – associated disorder? Level of obstruction? Meconium consistency? "Squirt sign"?

Down syndrome versus cystic fibrosis

Retrosigmoid versus ileum

Normal versus inspissated

Positive versus negative


Antidote for overdose of cold
1. Tricyclic overdose?
2. Lead poisoning?
3. Aspirin overdose?

1. Sodium bicarb
2. Succimer, calcium EDTA
3. Sodium bicarb


Newborn chokes, regurgitates, coughs with first feeding – suspect?

ESO atresia and possibly TE fistula


NEC – risk factors? Clinical features? Findings? Treatment? Complications?

1. Prematurity
2. Birthweight <1.5 kg
3. Congenital heart disease
4. Enteral feeding (formula)

Unstable Vitals , lethargy, vomiting, bloody stools, abdominal distention

1. Pneumatosis intestinalis,
2. Portal venous gas,
3. pneumoperitoneum

Supportive care, bed rest, and antibiotics

Shock, short mouth syndrome, strictures