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Si tē nulla movet tantae pietatis imago, at ramum hunc" (aperit ramum quī veste latebat) "agnoscas."

If no image of such great piety moves you, but this bough" (she reveals the bough which was hiding in her clothing), "you should recognise."


Tumida ex irā tum corda residunt; nec plura hīs.

Then his heart swollen from anger settles down; and not more words than these.


Ille admirans venerabile donum fatalis virgae longō post tempore visum caeruleam advertit puppim ripaeque propinquat.

That man marveling at the venerable gift of the fateful twig having been seen after a long time he returns the dark blue ship and approaches the shore.


Inde alias animas, quae per iuga longa sedebant, deturbat laxatque forōs;

Thereupon other spirits which were sitting across the long ridges he dislodges and he loosens the gangway;


simul accipit alveō ingentem Aenean.

at the same time he receives the huge Aeneas in the boat.


Gemuit sub pondere cumba sutilis et multam accepit rimosa paludem.

The skiff wth seams groaned under the weight and leaky received much swamp.


Tandem trans fluvium incolumes vatemque virumque informī limō glaucāque exponit in ulvā.

Finally across the river he puts out both the prophetess and the man unharmed in the shapeless slime and in the gray marsh grass.


Cerberus haec ingens latratū regna trifaucī personat adversō recubans immanis in antrō.

Huge Cerberus makes these kingdoms resound with three throated barking, lying massive in the facing cave.


Cui vates horrere videns iam colla colubrīs melle soporatam et medicatīs frugibus offam obicit.

To whom the prophetess seeing now necks shuddering with snakes presents a cake drugged with honey and medicated fruit.


Ille famē rabidā tria guttura pandens corripit obiectam, atque immania terga resolvit fusus humī totōque ingens extenditur antrō.

That with rabid hunger opening its three throats snatches the offered (cake), and loosens its huge backs poured out on the ground and huge is stretched out in the entire cave.


Occupat Aeneas aditum custode sepultō evaditque celer ripam inremeabilis undae.

Aeneas seizes the entrance with its guardian buried and escapes quickly the bank of the irretraceable wave.

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