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At Caesar, etsi nondum eorum consilia cognoverat,

But Caesar, although not yet had he learned of their plans,


tamen et ex eventū navium suarum et ex eō quod obsides dare intermiserant

nevertheless from the outcome of his own ships and from that because they had let pass to give hostages


fore id quod accidit suspicabatur.

he was suspecting it would be which happened.


Itaque ad omnes casūs subsidia comparabat.

And so for all accidents he was preparing help.


Nam et frumentum ex agrīs cotidiē castra conferebat et,

For both grain from the fields he was collecting daily into the camps and,


quae gravissimē adflictae erant naves,

which ships had been damaged most seriously,


earum materiā atque aere ad reliquas reficiendas utebatur

he was using their material and to repair the rest with copper


et quae ad eas res erant usuī ex continentī compararī iubebat.

and which (ships) were use for these matters he was ordering to be provided from the continent.


Itaque, cum summō studiō a militibus administraretur,

And so, with the highest eagerness it was being attended to by the soldiers,


XII navibus amissīs,

with 12 ships lost,


reliquīs ut navigarī commode posset effecit.

it happened for the rest that it might be able to be sailed suitably.

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