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Hīs rebus adducti et auctoritate Orgetorigis permoti constituerunt ea quae ad proficiscendum pertinerent comparare,

Influenced by these things and moved thoroughly by the authority of Orgetorix they decided to prepare those things which pertained to setting out,


iumentorum et carrorum quam maximum numerum coemere,

to buy as great a number of pack animals and carts as possible,


sementes quam maximas facere,

to make as great a number of sowings as possible,


ut in itinere copia frumenti suppeteret,

so that a supply of grain might be supplied on the journey,


cum proximīs civitatibus pacem et amicitiam confirmare.

to strengthen peace and friendship with the nearest states.


Ad eas res conficiendas biennium sibi satis esse duxerunt;

To finish these things they considered two years to be enough for themselves;


in tertium annum profectionem lege confirmant.

in the third year they declare departure by law.


Ad eas res conficiendas Orgetorix deligitur.

To finish these things Orgetorix is chosen.


Is sibi legationem ad civitates suscepit.

He undertakes for himself the delegation to the states.


In eō itinere persuadet Casticō, Catamantaloedis filiō, Sequanō,

On this journey he persuades Casticus, the son of Catamantaloedis, a Sequani,


cuius pater regnum in Sequanīs multos annos obtinuerat

whose father had held the kingdom among the Sequani for many years


et a senatū populi Romani amicus appellatus erat,

and had been called a friend by the senate of the Roman people,


ut regnum in civitate suā occuparet, quod pater ante habuerat;

that he should seize the kingdom in his own state, because his father had before;


itemque Dumnorigi Aeduō, fratri Diviciaci,

and likewise Dumnorix the Aeduan, brother of Diviciacus,


qui eō tempore principatum in civitate obtinebat ac maxime plebi acceptus erat,

who at that time had held the leadership in the state and was especially acceptable to the common people,


ut idem conaretur persuadet eique filiam suam in matrimonium dat.

that he might persuade him to attempt the same thing and he gives his son in marriage.


Perfacile factū esse illīs probat conata perficere,

He proves to them that it is very easy to do to accomplish the things having been attempted,


propterea quod ipse suae civitatis imperium obtenturus esset:

because he himself was about to obtain the command of his own state:


non esse dubium quin totius Galliae plurimum Helvetii possent;

that it is not doubtful that the Helvetians were the most (powerful) of all of Gaul;


se suīs copiīs suōque exercitū illīs regna conciliaturum confirmat.

he confirms that he with his own forces and his own army would win over the kingdom for those men.


Hac oratione adductī inter se fidem et ius iurandum dant et regnō occupatō

Having been influenced by this speech they give between themselves a pledge and oath and with the kingdom seized


per tres potentissimos ac firmissimos populos totius Galliae sese potiri posse sperant.

they were hoping they would be able to get possession of all of Gaul through three very powerful and strong people.

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