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Post eius mortem nihilō minus Helvetiī id quod constituerant facere conantur,

After his death by no means less the Helvetians try to do it which they had decided,


ut e finibus suīs exeant.

to go out from their own territories.


Ubi iam se ad eam rem paratos esse arbitratī sunt,

When now they thought they had been prepared for this thing,


oppida sua omnia, numerō ad duodecim,

all their towns, near twelve in number,


vicos ad quadringentos, reliqua privata aedificia incendunt;

villages near four hundred, the rest of the private buildings, they burn;


frumentum omne, praeterquam quod secum portaturī erant, comburunt,

all the grain, besides what they were about to carry with themselves, they burn,


ut domum reditionis spē sublatā paratiores ad omnia pericula subeunda essent;

so that with the hope taken away of a return to home they were more prepared to undergo all the dangers;


trium mensum molita cibaria sibi quemque domō efferre iubent.

they order each to carry out for themselves ground food from home for three months.


Persuadent Rauracīs et Tulingīs et Latobrigīs finitimīs,

They persuade the Rauraci and Tulingi and neigbouring Latobrigi,


uti eōdem usi consiliō oppidīs suīs vicīsque exustīs unā cum eīs proficīscantur,

that they use the same plan to set out together with them with their own towns and villages burned up,


Boiosque, quī trans Rhenum incoluerant et in agrum Noricum transierant Noreiamque oppugnarant,

and the Boii, who had inhabited across the Rhine and had crossed into Noricum field and had attacked Noreia,


receptos ad se socios sibi adsciscunt.

they approve for themselves as accepted allies to themselves.

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