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Describe the network of memory traces

The formation of networks within the memory to encode information and memories. I.e. linked subjects, chair, sitting, legs, sofa


Memory traces are associated _____ info, or ____ info

Semantic, episodic


As learning increases, the _____ diminishes, and your _____ decreases

rate of improvement, reaction time


Describe Hebbian Theory

Neurons that are activated simultaneously, wire together. After repeated stimulation, synaptic transmission is quicker. "Wire together, fire together. "


Describe long term potentiation (LTP)

Long lasting facilitation of synaptic transmission. Chain of neurones becomes more ingrained. Learned circuits, ingrained, easier to remember for next time, becomes more permanent. "Riding a bike"


____ and ____ regions of the brain are activated when we are encoding information that we will later remember.

Prefrontal, medial temporal


The _____ is arguably the most important brain structure in long term memory, featuring memory encoding



When memory is consolidated, it is moved from the _____ to the _____

hippocampus, cortex


Damage to the MTL can cause ______

memory loss, the MTL is crucial to memory creation


_____ memories are dependant on the ____ for storage

recent, MTL


________ memories are stored somewhere outside the ____ (aka somewhere different!)

remote, MTL


Patient HM had his ____ removed, and describe his experience

severe antereograde amnesia, could make new memories, short term memory (conditioning, priming e.t.c.) intact. Implicit memory intact.


Electrical stimulation of _____ enabled some patients to recall information that they could not previously recall.

Temporal lobe


Is there evidence to suggest that there is still traces of memories evident for 'forgotten memories'? Discuss and extrapolate.

Yes, subjects remembered forgotten noun-number pairs better, indicating some element of the 'forgotten' memory remains.


Discuss the rate of LTP increase/decrease in relation to the behavioural performance and forgetting.

Rate of increase in LTP is similar to the rate of behavioural improvement by learning, rate of LTP decrease is similar to the rate of forgetting.