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Name the types and time of sensory memory

Iconic - visual, Echoic - auditory, les than 1 seconds


How long does short term memory last, and what is another name for it?

Working, 1-10 sec


What time period of retention does long term memory refer to?

Greater than 10 secs


What are the implications of recall to short cued exposure with regards to short term memory?

Many/all items are encoded initially, whilst they are encoded, you can attend you them and report, but they fade quickly, delay of tone, the less items an be recalled.


Sensory memory is modality specific, describe the masking effect that relates to this.

Sensory memory is sense specific, creating a auditory memory requires auditory encoding? Immediately after the letters are displayed, a masking screen is displayed, performance goes down, the mask has overridden the sensory memory. You have to create the sensory memory of the mask, so it gets overridden


Which is more detail rich, sensory memory, or long term memory?

Short term memory


What provides a intermediate storage facility for information while it's rehearsed for depositation in long term memory

Short term memory


What is the magic number, for short term memory storage?

7 -+ 2


Explain how neuroscience provides evidence that short term memory and long term memory are different.

Patients with brain damage to the medial temporal lobe exhibit impairment of long term memory, but no difference in short term memory. e.g. patient HM.


Which items in short term memory is remembered better and why

Things learnt first due to more rehearsal and less interference, and last, due to less interference and less decay.


Name some ways that improve learning, and how does this 'alter' the short term memory hypothesis?

Deep processing, learning things in a deep and meaningful way, rehearsal isn't effective, this indicates that there is more to short term memory than simply a temporary storage facility for long term memory, some processing is done (working memory hypo)


What segment of the brain is additionally activated by deep processing?

Left pre-frontal cortex


Scanning a mental image, and a mental image interferres with the processing of short term memory. What does this suggest about the information in short term memory

this suggests that information in short term memory is (visuo) spatial