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7 lean principles?

Eliminate waste
Build in quality
Create knowledge
Choose as late as possible
Deliver as fast as possible
Empower the team
Emphasize se the whole


What are examples of waste?

Wasted time, capital, brain power, defects, poor planning, poor MVP design


What does build-in quality entail?

Everything must be high quality, including the details
Lots of testing, good design processes, automation, constant feedback


What does create knowledge entail?

Requires self-discipline and process
Documentation, sharing info with team, open culture...team


Why commit as late as possible?

Always unknowns so commit late so that other elements facilitate visibility

Late=more informed


Why deliver as fast as possible?

Speed=competitive advantage

What user wanted during design I’d still what they want at delivery


What does empowering the team mean?

Listen to developers

Sparks creativity and results in higher quality work


What does optimize the whole entail?

Think about product as a whole

Too much focus on subsystems can result in overly designed and complex subsystems that are hard to integrate


What is waterfall development

Design happens sequentially

More suitable for HW


What is iterative development? What is it used for? Compatible with?

At each given time, more than one iteration of the product design/development cycle is being conducted

Long and large projects

Compatible with agile, suitable for SW


What is backlog?

List of deliverables necessary for project


What are the 2 backlog rules?

If not necessary, deliverable should be removed
If new item is known during development cycle, it gets approved by leads and added to backlog


What are the 6 steps of testing?

Integration testing (do components work together?)
Full system/ unit testing
Field testing
Iteration on user testing and feedback
Beta releases (flush out scale bugs)


What is quality assurance?

About avoiding mistakes and preventing a faulty product

Happen at all stages

Should be quantifiable


What is quality control? What methods does it involve?

Encompasses QA and usually post development

Failure testing, statistical control, company quality, total quality control (done when everything ok but sales still drop)