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whats the mental status examination (MSE)

appraisal of the appearance, behaviour, mental functioning and overall demeanour of a person.


what areas does the MSE look at

Appearance, Behaviour, Speech, Affect, Thought (stream, form, content) (e.g. delusions), Perception (e.g. hallucinations, illusions, depersonalisation/derealisation), Cognition (formal e.g. MMSE or informal e.g. interpreting proverbs), Judgement and Insight


whats the HONOS

The 12 HoNOS items can be aggregated into four subscales.
A = behavioural problems
B = impairment
C = symptomatic problems
D = social problems
therapist assessment


whats the BASIS assessment

questionnaire taken by client
BASIS-32 is scored into five subscales and an overall average.
Subscale and overall mean scores also range from 0 to 4.

Relation to self and others
Daily living/role function
Impulsive/addictive behaviour
(total Basis-32 score)


whats risk factros

Static e.g. past suicide attempts
– Dynamic e.g. substance use, relationship
– Future e.g. response to treatment


whats protective risk factors

– E.g. supportive family, cultural and religious beliefs (Department of Health (2010), Working with the suicidal person)


whats the suicide risk assessment

looks at risk factors and protective factors