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Where does the SP channel begin?

begins at SP 1, on medial side of big toe, posterior to corner of nail


Where generally does the SP channel run?

- from foot to chest
- on medial anterior aspect of leg


How many points are on the SP channel?

21 points on SP channel


Where does SP channel end?

at SP 21, at side of ribcage


Describe the pathway of the SP regular channel in detail.

1) begins at the medial side of the tip of the big toe at SP 1
2) runs along medial aspect of foot, following the border where skin changes color
3) goes up medial anterior aspect of leg
4) in the low abdomen, crosses with Ren 3 and Ren 4
5) above the umbilicus, crosses with Ren 10 before splitting into 3 paths
5a) one path enters the Stomach & Spleen
5b) another path enters the Heart
5c) regular path continues 4 cun lateral to midline where it crosses with GB 24 & LV 14
6) from LV 14, the path proceeds up towards ribcage 6 cun lateral to midline and crosses with LU 1
7) a branch ascends from LU 1 up throat to the underneath of the tongue, where the salivary glands are
8) the regular path descends from SP 20 down to the middle of the ribcage where it ends at SP 21


What zang fu organs does the SP regular channel connect with?

Spleen, Stomach, Heart


What are the crossing points on the SP regular channel?

- Ren 3, Ren 4, Ren 10
- GB 24, LV 14, LU 1


Where does the SP Luo Collateral break off?

SP 4 (Luo point)


Where does the SP Luo Collateral run? What organs does it enter?

from SP 4:
- the Luo travels up leg and goes into the intestines, Stomach, Heart
- the Luo also goes into the foot, to ST 42


Which rule does the SP Luo Collateral break? How is the SP Luo an exception?

- the rule for Luos is that they don't go into zang fu,
- however, the SP Luo is an exception bc it goes into the intestines, Stomach, and Heart


Where does the SP Divergent Channel travel (following the general rules of divergent channels)?

- breaks off above the knee (but not at a particular point)
- goes into the zang fu, and carries Wei Qi to the zang fu
- goes into the face
- goes into the Heart


Where does the SP Tendinomuscular Channel (or Sinew Channel) travel?

- begins at Jing Well & travels up leg
- knots at the pubic bone, then goes into the umbilicus
- from the umbilicus, goes into intercostal spaces


In TCM, what is the function of the Spleen?

- holds blood in the vessels
- governs transformation & transportation