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ST 1 - location

on the face: with the eyes looking straight forward, the point is directly below the pupil, between the eyeball & the infraorbital ridge


ST 1 - needle technique

push the eyeball upward with left thumb & puncture slowly 0.5 - 1.0" perpendicularly (however, we won't use this point in the clinic)


ST 2 - location

on the face: directly below the pupil in the depression at the infraorbital foramen


ST 3 - location

on the face: directly below the pupil, at the level of the lower border of ala nasi, on the lateral side of the nasolabial groove

(ST 3 is called "great bone hole" because it is located in the hole of the zygoma)


ST 4 - location

on the face: lateral to the corner of the mouth, directly below the pupil


ST 5 - location

near the jawline: anterior to the angle of the mandible, on the anterior border of the attached portion of the masseter myo (where the pulsation of facial artery is palpable, in the groove-like depression appearing when the cheek is bulged)


ST 6 - location

near the jawline: one finger breadth (middle finger) anterior & superior to the lower angle of the mandible where the masseter myo is prominent when the teeth are clenched, and depressive when it is pressed


ST 7 - location

on the face: anterior to the ear, in the depression between the zygomatic arch & the mandibular notch. this point is located when the mouth is closed (to check, ask patient to open mouth wide and make sure that the mandibular notch goes through the point).


ST 8 - location

on lateral side of head: 0.5 cun above hte anterior hairline at the corner of the forehead, and 4.5 cun lateral to the midline of the head

(ST 8 is called "head corner/angle" because it is located at the corner of the head)


ST 9 - location

on the neck: level with the tip of the Adam's apple where the pulsation of the common carotid artery is palpable, on the anterior border of SCM


ST 9 - needle precaution

avoid the carotid artery


ST 10 - location

on the neck: at the midpoint of the line joining ST 9 and ST 11, on the anterior border of SCM


ST 11 - location

at the superior border of the sternal extremity of the clavicle, between the sternal head & clavicular head of SCM (to locate, ask patient to lift head and find the notch between the sternal & clavicular heads of SCM)


ST 12 - location

in the midpoint of the supraclavicular fossa, 4 cun lateral to the anterior midline


which points on the ST channel are needled obliquely (or subcutaneously) toward each other?

ST 4
ST 5
ST 6


ST 12 - needle precaution

deep insertion contraindicated