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The worlds most effective pickup line

"Hi there"
*If shes sitting down, sit down with her


Wearing the pants

All about power and control
1) You decide what you guys are doing
2) You don't do anything for her until she does something for you (gifts, visits, servicing)



She has to apologize first,
If she doesnt, its not worth it
After that, you can apologize for anything, but only with actions, not words.


Accepting appologies

Accept no apologies for lying, cheating, stealing, or snooping
Anything she does is constant, she either does them or she doesn't.
If she chooses to do something, she will choose it again.
If it was an impulse or unintentional, you can accept those appologies. But nothing more.


The first phone call

Have where you want to meet and what you want to do already in mind
1) Remind: "Hey there, its Davis: from the other day...
2) Reference: "you know, the guy with the ____?"
3) If she jokes in response: "haha, you got jokes girl" or "haaa, you're-so-funny (monotone)"
4) Use the above reference to ask: "Well if you're not too busy ______, i was thinking we could grab some dinner this weekend."
5) Always phrase the actual question as something affirmative in either way, "So when are ya free?"
6) Response to initial rejection is always persistance: "Ouch, well ill tell you ya what, how about you give me an evening to change your mind."
7) Always end on a joke, "Alright, so (confirm date)? Great, ill see ya there, don't forget _____"
8) If she doesn't get it, "It was a joke, girl. Damn, you better amp up that sense of humor for our date (when)."


Ending the first date

1) "So i had a great time tonight."
2) Ask if shes doing anything _______ (have the second date planned out already)
3) First Kiss, always at the end of the first date


The only two factors in success with women

Confidence and persistance


Persistence with women

If you think, "I should just give up now" thats your first sign to keep going
Remember, "When you doubt... Don't"


Knowing which woman to approach

Made eye contact beforehand
No head phones
Not in a conversation
Easier when they don't have make up


When an ex wants you back

"I'm a higher caliber person that you. I need someone in my league, and you should think about pursuing someone in yours."


Approaching women in groups

1) Eye Contact
2) Ignore the rest of her group
3) "Hi there", smile
4) Compliment her, keep smiling
5) Break the touch barrier
6) Lead her by the hand away from your group
7) If she feels bad about leaving them behind. "Look at it this way, we're doing them a kindness right? Any cute guy looking over at your group would be making a bee-line for the one with the amazing eyes. By comparison, they don't stand a chance; you'd be stealin' all the good ones."


When you call and they pick up right away

"Wow, you picked up on the first ring huh? Hope yu weren't waiting up all night waiting for me to call"


"And why should I go out with you?"
"And why should i give you my number?"

"Because hangin' out with me means more fun. And of course less bullshit"


When she's clearly playing hard to get

"Girl, don't be trying to play hard to get. Cuz really, Im better at it than you"


Shes implying she's better than you

"Damn, well someone's cocky today"


The general attitude when approaching women

In a few months, you can have anything you want.
Act like it


Handling rejection

"Alright, well it was nice meeting you _____."


Attitude towards rejection

Alright, her loss... In billions!


Aggressive or insulting rejection

"Well then... Nice to meet you too"
Women that talk to you like that aren't what you want anyway


She laughs AT you

"Well look at that, finally a girl with a sense of humor. "


Doing things for her girl

Use them incentives for after she does something for you
You don't do anything for her until after
(gifts, visits, servicing)


She makes a power play

Do what she asks, onlyso you get credit for making the sacrifices but throw in, "Alright, but you owe me on this."


Receptive signals

1) Lots of actions with her hands (this draws her attention)
2) You can make her laugh
3) Shes smiling (not smirking- see her teeth)
4) Adjusts clothes
5) Plays with hair
6) Touching you


She says she's too ____ for you
(Out of your league)

"Well look at that, finally a girl with some confidence. Its actually kinda refreshing."


Actually asking for a girls number

"Alright, well Im heading out. It was nice meeting you."
*turn back*
"Hey, before I head out, how about i get your number" *pull out your phone, "so we can pick this up later"


Knowing when to walk away from an approach

If you cant make her laugh or smile
Or she starts laughing at you
Watch for rude signals (eyes rolling, no eye contact, sighing, one word responses)
Handle as if it were rejection: "Alright, *smile* well it was nice meeting you."


The first text message to a girl

"Hey you :)
Whats new?


Days of waiting before you text a girl

2 full days
More than 48 hours


Texting girls within the first week

Wait 2 days, text her to strike up conversation, employ total sarcasm, stop the first conversation on a high note. Wait at least 12 hours, text something fun (like you're updating your facebook status), continue that conversation for a couple hours, youre free to call and ask her out anytime after that


Texting girls

Like your updating your facebook status
Lots of sarcasm, flirty (smart-assery)
The goal is to make her laugh
End the conversation on a high note


Pre-first date

1) Clean out the car
2) Appearance work
3) Clean up appartment
4) Call to confirm
5) Review note cards


First date conversation topics

1) Siblings?
2) Hobbies?
3) Travel?
4) Work?
5) Hopes, dreams, aspirations?
6) Favorites? (Foods, Movies, TV, Books)
7) Academics?


Topics to avoid on the first date



An ex gets brought up on the first date

"Hey, Im all about learning from mistakes, but the past isn't nearly as interesting as the future...
So in your future, what are you gonna do after college?"


Go-to first date stories

1) The Rice Krispies
2) Fight with Coop
3) You and Logan with the Mt. Dew
4) Sammi date with Sensei and Billy
5) Supprise Party for Sam G.


The ideal first date

3 separate mini dates (one of which is a restraunt)
Aim for an hour each


Why is right now the best time to pursue women

1) You've got some experience under your belt
2) You dated Natalia, in the world of women, there is nothing you cannot handle
3) You've established some confidence
4) Apparently, Women in general are all over you, its just that you don't notice


Interest levels

1) High Interest- Where you want to be, you guys talk all the time
2) First drop- Not texting as often, dates turned down, fewer calls. Basically the first change you notice.
3) Shes mildly frustrated, stopped texting you first, haven't been out in a while
4) Low Interest- anything beyond the above, its pretty much over, cut her off now


Mitigating drop in interest level

Keep your interest low, you should always be less interested than her


Getting interest level back

Stop and back off
If her interest level has dropped, its because shes too comfortable with your level of interest
Pull that interest away, and shell be forced to work to get it back


Properly building interest

Keep her laughing, always
Touching is key
Spontenaity- always be thinking, 'hey ive got an idea'
Always treat her like shes just some entertainment for you and a bunch of friends
Putting off bringing your emotions into it for as long as possible
Keep your personal level of interest in her pretty low


Going strait from eye contact to asking for her number properly

*works best when you're walking with someone else

"Hey there, so i don't usually do this but you have the prettiest eyes I've seen all day. Id be a failure as a guy if i didn't at least ask for your number'


Signs of a drop in interest level

1) Inconsistancy
2) Confusion


Actions that could inadvertently lower your interest level

1) Talking too much, and not considering what you talk about
2) Talking down to her, assume shes twice as smart as you
3) You lie
4) You talk about sex
5) Bad posture


Why its even better to approach women in groups:

Because even if you dont get the one you wanted, you might get someones number on a
"Hey youre cute, ill give you MY number"


Why Beautiful Women are the best to approach

Most guys are simply intimidated by them entirely


She asks 'what are you doing?'

"Well i was going to talk to you for a bit, but if you prefer, we could just skip to the bit where i get your nunber?"


How to follow up from 'hi there'

1) "So what's your name?"
2) "You look kinda board"
3) "You sound kinda suprised, guys don't ever... come up to you and start conversation?"


Say After she gives you her name...

Super enthusiastic: "no kidding... Thats his name too." (Think 'one-missisipii') *laugh. 'im just fuckin with ya, his name is ___ and Im Davis'


A girl explained youre not her body type

'Well thats okay i can get your number now and call you in the summer when i have a six-pack'


A girl explained youre not her body type

'Well thats okay i can get your number now and call you in the summer when i have a six-pack'


A girl explained youre not her body type

'Well thats okay i can get your number now and call you in the summer when i have a six-pack'