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What percentage of deaths in 15-19yo Canadian males was due to gunshot wounds?



What percentage of firearm deaths in Canadians 15-19yo are due to suicide?



What are Canadian regulations regarding gun control?

1. Screening process before purchasing
2. All firearm owners must be licensed
3. All firearms must be registered individually by the owner
4. All firearms must be stored locked and unloaded and separate from ammunition


What is the rate of home ownership of guns in Canada?



What percentage of Ontarians own guns?



What percentage of Yukon and NWT own guns?



What does the presence of a firearm in the home increase the risk of?

1. Increased suicide completion
2. Increased homicide esp. domestic violence related


Where are the majority of handguns used to commit homicides acquired?



What are the risks associated with non-powder firearms (e.g. BB guns, air guns, paintball guns)?

1. Leading cause of enucleation secondary to trauma in >18yo
2. Penetrate skin and cause significant internal damage
3. Ocular injury


What are interventions that can reduce firearm injuries?

1. Counselling

2. Education plus environmental modification (providing gun safes and trigger locks with information on safety)

3. Technological modifications to firearms with safety devices such as personalization devices, loaded chamber indicators, magazine safeties

4. Children's firearm safety education --> ineffective and may worsen safety


What percentage of gun related deaths involving children were preventable by at least one safety device/



What are the CPS recommendations regarding gun safety?

1. Best for firearms not to be present in homes or environments were children and teens live and play

2. If a firearm must be present it should be stored unloaded, locked and separate from ammunition

3. Pediatricians should support legislative measures to strictly control the acquisition, ownership, and storage of firearms

4. MD should routinely inquire about firearms in the home and discuss risks

5. Recommend removal of firearms from home where risk factors for teen suicide

6. Consider recommending removal of firearms from homes with risk factors for childhood unintentional injury or domestic violence (effectiveness unclear)

7. Firearm safety interventions including education and environmental interventions are likely more effective than educaiton only

8. Do not recommend childhood firearm safety education as reducing parental vigilance and not shown to be effective

9. Further study needed on use of technological interventions

10. Nonpowder firearms are not toys and should be used only with close supervision by an adult

11. Paintball guns should only be used in supervised arenas with proper safety gear.

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