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Should baseball and softball be encouraged in children 5-18yo?

Yes as its relatively safe


What are preventive measures to protect pitchers from throwing injuries?

1. Adequate core strength
2. Adequate scapular strength
3. Proper instructions in throwing mechanics
4. Conditioning and training
5. Delay introduction of the curveball until after age 14
6. Delay introduction of the slider until after age 16
7. Age guidelines regarding the number of pitches thrown daily
8. Rest requirements between pitching assignments
9. Season and yearly total pitch limits
10. Avoid pitching on multiple teams with overlapping seasons
11. Guidelines for rest requirements must be enforced across all teams
12. Youth pitchers should not pitch competitively in more than 8 months in 12m period
13. 3 months of rest from pitching each year
14. Pitcher should also not be a catcher for his or her team


What should be done for elbow and shoulder overuse injuries?

1. Encourage education re: early warning signs
2. Cease pitching immediately when signs of arm fatigue or pain occur
3. Seek timely and appropriate treatment of significant or persistent pain


What safety equipment should be used to minimize catastrophic baseball injuries?

1. approved batting helmets with face protection for hitters
2. helmets, masks with throat guards, chest protectors, and shin guards for catchers
3. hard plastic athletic cups for all male players
4. rubber spiked soles
5. consider head and facial protection for pitchers and infielders esp. in younger and less skilled players


What are the recommendations regarding heart chest barriers or protection to prevent commotio cordis?

No evidence for routine use but catchers should continue to wear approved chest protectors


What should be readily available within 3 minutes?



When should baseball players wear polycarbonate eye protection guards or shields or metal cages?

1. On batting helmets
2. At all times if functionally one-eyed
3. At all times if undergone eye surgery or experienced previous severe eye injuries


What are the age rules regarding impact balls?

1. Level 1 children <10yo with low skills
2. Level 2 children 10-12yo moderate skills
3. Level 1 or 2 children <10yo with moderate skills
4. Level 3 children >12yo or children 10-12yo w/ advanced skills


What are the recommendations regarding bat material?

Further research is required


What should be done to prevent lightning injuries?

1. Postpone or alter game times when weather conditions are extreme
2. Awareness of heat and lightning safety

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