0857 rad tech 121

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Principal Medical Root Word
Central meaning of a term,
Foundation to which other element...
11  cards
Prelim | Medical Terms
Tumor of the bone,
Absennce of breast,
Without feeling
48  cards
Prelim | Prefixes: Direction, Location, and Position
35  cards
Prelim | Prefixes: Numbers , Diseases , Degree
Prim i pro,
Mon o uni,
Duo bi di
28  cards
Prelim | Prefixes: Time & Position, Negatives, Size & Comparison
Olig o
25  cards
Prelim | Suffixes
Suffixes as noun endings,
Pertaining to,
Pertaining to sugar
42  cards
Prelim | Words pertaining to disease and used as a suffix
Ectasis ectasy
15  cards
Prelim | Root Words: Body as a Whole
Abdomin o,
Aden o,
36  cards
Prelim | Root Words: Skeletal, Muscular, and Cardiovascular System
Cost o,
Stern o,
Spindyl o
48  cards
Prelim | Root Words: Respiratory, Digestive, and Urinary System
Alveol o,
Bronch o,
Bronchiol o
45  cards
Prelim | Root Words: Nervous and Reproductive System
Atel o,
Aus o,
Cephal o
44  cards
Prelim | Root Words: Colors
Cyon o,
Eryhtr o,
Leo o
5  cards
Prelim | Medical Abbreviations and Symbols
Condition in which one or more bo...,
Study of nature and cause of dise...,
Origination and development of a ...
116  cards
Prelim | A
A b ab o,
A2 a2,
79  cards
Prelim | B-C
B cells,
104  cards
Midterm | D-F
D c,
93  cards
Midterm| G-I
G gm,
96  cards
Midterm | K-N
115  cards
Midterm | RadTech Procedures and Terms
X ray imaging of the heart corona...,
A dye contrast media is injected ...,
An examination of blood vessels t...
97  cards
Midterm | General Aspects of Med and its Allied Profession
Common disroders due to physical ...,
Effect of noise,
Membrane damaged in occupational ...
70  cards
Midterm | Skeletal System
Two division of skeletal system,
Differentiate ligament tendon and...,
Kyphosis vs lordosis
67  cards
Midterm | Respiratory System
St common respiratory disorder,
Pneumon o vs pneum o,
Respiratory condition characteriz...
45  cards

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