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KIN 101 Midterm 2
Pns efferent division parasympath...
162  cards
KIN 102 Midterm
80  cards
KIN 102 Final
Sports psychology,
Exercise psychology,
Sport psychology consulting
94  cards
HE-ED 120 Final
What does specificity mean for a ...,
What does specificity mean for so...
107  cards
KIN 104 Final
What are the reasons for assessme...,
51  cards
KIN 101 Final (18-20)
Vo2 what does it describe,
Oxygen transport 2 main ways,
What transports most of the oxyge...
78  cards
KIN 101 Final (15 & 17)
Blood vessels 3 types and charact...,
How much blood is in the male and...,
Angiogenesis what is it
64  cards
KIN 101 Final (14 & 16)
What is blood made up of,
Plasma functions and what manages it,
What are the 4 major components o...
72  cards
PSYCH 104 Midterm 1
What does psychology mean,
Psychology definition,
Mind definition
59  cards
KIN 100 Midterm (osteology)
Osteoprogenitor cells
26  cards
KIN 103 Midterm (Lecture 1-3)
Ecg interpretation what is block ...,
Autorhythmic cells what do they do,
How is parasympathetic heart acti...
66  cards
KIN 103 Midterm (Lecture 4-5)
Fev1 what is it,
What is a normal lung capable of
22  cards
KIN 103 Midterm (Lecture 6-7)
Thermogenesis definition,
Human body temperature what is ou...,
Sources of heat input external
20  cards
KIN 103 Midterm (Lecture 8)
Immunity definition,
The immune system three main func...,
Autoimmune diseases
45  cards
KIN 100 Lab Exam 1
33  cards
PSYCH 104 Midterm 2 (The brain)
Action potential,
65  cards
Kin 100 Midterm 2
Gluteus maximus,
Gluteus medius,
Gluteus minimus
38  cards
PSYCH 104 Midterm 2 (Genetics and testing)
Polygenetic transmission,
Knockout procedure
11  cards
PSYCH 104 Midterm 2 (sensation and perception)
39  cards
PSYCH 104 Midterm 2 (The eyes and conciousness)
Visible light what wavelengths ca...,
The cornea
44  cards
PSYCH 104 Midterm 2 (sleep and drugs)
Circadian rhythm,
How much sleep do we need,
Amount of sleep needed depends on
52  cards
Kin 100 Lab Final (Spine muscles and unique features
Cervical vertebra c1 features,
Cervical vertebra c2 features,
Cervical vertebra c3 c7 features
17  cards
KIN 100 Final (lecture 10)
Axial skeleton purposes,
The vertebral column,
Do taller people have more vertebra
23  cards
KIN 100 Final (Lecture 11)
Scalenes all 3,
Splenius capitis
21  cards
KIN 100 Final (Lecture 12 - 13)
How has our skull shape evolved,
How many bones are in the skull,
Lacrimal fossa what does it do
36  cards
KIN 100 Final (Lecture 14 - 16)
Why do we have two circuits and 4...,
The heart facts,
The pericardium
55  cards
KIN 100 Final (Lecture 17)
How much of our stride do we spen...,
How much of our stride do we spen...,
Stride definition
5  cards
KIN 103 (Chp: 10 - Neurons)
What are the three types of neuro...,
What are the three types of neuro...,
What are the three types of neuro...
49  cards
KIN 103 (Chp: 10 - Senses)
Smell olfactionstrong link betwee...,
Olfactory sensory neurons what ar...,
Olfactory pathway what does it co...
63  cards
KIN 103 (Chp: 12)
What happens durring a muscle con...,
At what rate does tension occur,
How are contractions generated
54  cards
KIN 103 (Chp: 13)
What is a reflex,
Monosynaptic reflexes,
Polysynaptic reflexes
54  cards
KIN 103 (Chp: 22)
What are the two main functions o...,
Hypersecretion of hormone can be ...,
Hyposecretion of hormones can be ...
75  cards
PSYCH 104 Final (Behaviour)
What did wundt believe psychology...,
What did watson believe psycholog...,
The problem with likert scales
14  cards
PSYCH 104 Final (Learning: Respondent Conditioning)
Learning what is it,
What are the three types of learning,
Unconditional stimulus us what is it
18  cards
PSYCH 104 Final (Learning: Operant conditioning)
Respondent conditioning function ...,
Operant conditioning function and...,
Operant conditioning definition
29  cards
PSYCH 104 Final (Memory)
Memory the storage metaphor issues,
Memory illusion what is it,
Forgetting what is it
47  cards
PSYCH 104 Final (Motivation)
Https openstaxorg books psycholog...,
Bariatric surgery,
Basolateral complex
44  cards

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