(3) cardio-pulmo-renal rehabilitation

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S1 L1.1: Subjective Assessment
T f ppta still has no psecial int...,
Elements of patient managementthe...,
Determination of the level of opt...
199  cards
S1 L1.2 Objective Examination
Cardiopulmonary assessment t fper...,
Cardiopulmonary assessment t fthe...,
Cardiopulmonary assessment identi...
125  cards
S1 L2.1: Physical Diagnosis of the Respiratory System
Complaints as reported by the pat...,
Findings by the medical professio...,
Choices a tidal volumeb inspirato...
78  cards
S1 L2.2: Physical Examination of the Respiratory System
What can you tell about a patient...,
General color indication with a p...,
Type of chest that is a sign of a...
65  cards
S1 L3.1: Functional Anatomy of the Lungs
Composed of 12 ribs thoracic vert...,
T f ribs are inclined superiorly,
What are the inspiratory muscles
91  cards
S1 L3.2: Chronic Lung Diseases
A chronic inflammatory disorder o...,
Sx of bronchial asthma,
Risk factors for asthmainfluence ...
90  cards
S1 L4.1: Lung Malignancies
Statement 1 1 in 6 people will de...,
What are the top 2 spots of commo...,
T f in terms of cause of death br...
85  cards
S2 L1.1: Systemic Arterial Hypertension
T f hypertension always refer to ...,
Systemic arterial hypertension is...,
Process by which we form and depo...
49  cards
S2 L1.2: SAH: Principal Mechanisms
Amount of volume inside blood ves...,
T f intravascular volume is a pri...,
Statement 1 if you decrease extra...
64  cards
S2 L1.3: SAH Classifications (Etiology & Treatment)
Classification according to etiol...,
T f when the condition is classif...
25  cards
S2 L1.4: SAH Pathologic Consequences & Mx
Statement 1 heart disease is the ...,
Heartcondition heart muscles get ...,
Heartin diastole heart should be ...
22  cards
S2 L2.1: Coronary Artery Disease and its Epidemiology
Narrowing of the coronary arterie...,
T f coronary artery disease prima...,
May sufficiently decrease blood f...
26  cards
S2 L2.2: Angina
Pain coming from the heart,
Pain over the chest,
Is essentially defined as chest pain
40  cards
S2 L2.3: Atherosclerosis
Ldl ___ cholesterol will find its...,
T f foam cell makes up the bulk o...,
T f foam cell makes up the bulk o...
56  cards
S2 L2.4: Symptoms and Degree of Vessel Stenosis
T f one may predict the level or ...,
Match the following 1 blood flow ...,
Match the following
15  cards
S2 L2.5: Syndromes of CAD
T f1 cad can be classified into a...,
Most commonly caused by obstructi...,
Risk factors similar to atheroscl...
41  cards
S2 L2.6: General Diagnostic Approaches for CAD
Tells us if there is injury ische...,
Determins the heart size,
Give me the five 5 biochemical te...
29  cards
S2 L2.7: Management of CAD
What are the five 5 possible mana...,
Give me the three 3 types or meth...,
Revascularization done in acute c...
44  cards
S2 L2.8: Risk Stratification Criteria for Cardiac Pts by ACP and AACVPR
American college of physicians ac...,
American college of physicians ac...,
American college of physicians ac...
38  cards
S2 L3.1: Heart Failure (Overview, Mechanisms, Causes, & Etiology)
A complex heart clinical syndrome...,
Heart failure is accompanied by 3,
Most characteristic symptom of he...
57  cards
S2 L3.2: Heart Failure (Types, Clinical Manifestations, & Mx)
Type of hf where are underlying c...,
Duration of acute hf,
T f acute hf presents with inadeq...
46  cards
S2 L3.3: Cardiomyopathy
This is a form of heart failure t...,
This disease of heart muscles tha...,
Heart chambers get huge or balloo...
48  cards
S2L4: Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Pulmonary rehabilitation goals ex...,
Pulmonary rehabilitation goals ex...,
Physical therapy interventions ex...
71  cards
S2L5.1: Acute Rheumatic Fever
Disease of the young ie preschoolers,
Which of the following is not tru...,
Is the only well established preq...
56  cards
S2 L5.2: Valvular Heart Disease
What is the normal mitral valve o...,
What is the value of the valv es ...,
The following are included in the...
81  cards
S2 L6.1 Congenital Heart Disease Part 1
Adult patient who have chd fall u...,
When an adult patient who has chd...,
An adult who has chd present with...
63  cards
S2 L6.2: Congenital Heart Disease Part 2
One of the most common anomalies ...,
From the bifurcation of pa to aor...,
Statement 1 patent ductus arterio...
30  cards
S2 L7.1 Diseases of the Aorta
Conduit through which the blood e...,
What is the diameter of the aorta,
The following are true about the ...
40  cards
S2 L7.2: Peripheral Arterial Disease & Vasomotor Disease
A clinical disorder in which ther...,
Modified t f atherosclerosis is t...,
What are the risk factors for per...
30  cards
S3 L1: Cardiac Rehabilitation Part 1
Process by which patients with ca...,
Cardiac rehabilitation is the pro...,
Cardiac rehabilitation is the pro...
182  cards
S3 L1: Cardiac Rehab Part 2
True or false the body needs ener...,
T f all nutrients consist of carb...,
Main source of energy coming from...
123  cards
S3 L2: Renal Rehabilitation Part 1
Coordinated multifaceted interven...,
Statement 1 want to stabilize our...,
Statement 1 renal rehab reduced m...
40  cards
S3 L2: Renal Rehabilitation Part 2
T f patients receiving continuous...,
T f because hr is always be a rel...,
T f dynamic strength testing shou...
14  cards

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