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Ch 19
There are 280 million hb molecule...,
All of the following except ___ l...,
Why is it important that when iro...
36  cards
ch 22
If the thymus failed to produce t...,
Which of the following is true of...,
All of the following except _____...
36  cards
Ch 19 test
What are the components of the ca...,
What are the 5 functions of blood,
2 major cat blood is broken down ...
48  cards
ch 22 test
Microscopic organisms that cause ...,
The ability to resist infection a...,
What are the 3 major parts to the...
66  cards
Ch 20
The region between the two pleura...,
Which layer of pericardium touche...,
Which of the following is true of...
36  cards
Ch 21
Which of the following is an impo...,
Georgia stands all day at her job...,
Why does blood pressure increase ...
36  cards
ch 20 test
Collects blood from systemic circuit,
Pumps blood to pulmonary circuit,
Collects blood from pulmonary cir...
23  cards
Ch 24
1 the major role of the gallbladd...,
2 the bolus created in the oral c...,
3 a generalized increase in all s...
41  cards
Ch 23 and 24 test
5 functions of respiratory system,
Conducting portion of resp tract,
Respiratory portion of resp tract
74  cards
Ch 24 test
An active process involving consc...,
Movement of nutrients from lumen ...
73  cards
Lab 2
Nasal cavity choncha 3 areas,
Nasal sinuses 2,
40  cards
last exam
1 extracellular fluids include al...,
2 antidiuretic hormone a stimulat...,
3 when the fluid outside a cell b...
113  cards
baily science vocab
15  cards
0  cards

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