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What are the 5 codes semiotics,
What is van zoonen s feminist theory,
What is stuart hall s representat...
17  cards
media terms
Mise en scene,
17  cards
Explain semiotics,
What did roland barthes say semio...,
What are roland barthes 5 codes
8  cards
I, Daniel Blake
Who is the director,
Who are the main actors 2,
When was the film released
23  cards
What is the historical context of...,
Why is there a misrepresentation ...,
How is the main women presented h...
11  cards
Kiss of the vampire
What did the sexual revolution in...,
What did the civil rights act of ...,
Why was there a move away from wo...
15  cards
Black Panther
Who directed black panther,
When was the film released,
Who were the main actors
20  cards
What is a tabloid give an example,
What is a broadsheet give an example,
What is a gatekeeper
22  cards
the daily mirror
What is the date of the set produ...,
Is it a tabloid or a broadsheet,
When did the newspaper first start
26  cards
the times
What date was the set product pub...,
Is it a tabloid or a broadsheet,
When did the newspaper first start
23  cards
Super. Human.
Give a brief summary of the super...,
What is the purpose of the advert,
Who is the target audience
15  cards
Who is it by and when was it rele...,
What type of video is it accordin...,
What is the genre of the video an...
16  cards
Who is it by and when was it release,
What is the context of the single,
What is the video context
16  cards
women's hour
When did women s hour begin who w...,
Who presents it now,
Give examples of topics covered
12  cards
Assassins Creed Liberation
What age rating is the game and why,
What is the game about,
When was the game released and wh...
5  cards

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