agw music theory - intermediate

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1. Basic - Review
Where are the semi tones in a maj...,
Where are the semi tones in a nat...,
Where are the semi tones in a har...
49  cards
2. Circle of 5th, Major and Enharmonic Scales
What is the order of sharps in a ...,
What is the order of flats in a k...,
What is the circle of fifths
29  cards
3. Double Sharps & Flats, Minor and Enharmonic Scales
What does each major key have,
What does an accidental in front ...,
To what notes do accidentals apply
115  cards
4. Technical Degree Names and Chromatic Scales
What is a chromatic scale made up of,
What are technical degree names u...,
What is the procedure to use when...
47  cards
5. Simple and Compound Time
What are the top numbers in a sim...,
What are the top numbers in the t...,
What are the top numbers in the t...
76  cards
6. Intervals - Augmented, Diminished and Inversions
What is an interval,
What is an augmented interval,
How do you change a perfect or ma...
30  cards
7. Triads - Inversions, Close and Open Position
What is a triad,
How does an inversion of a triad ...,
What is the distinguishing featur...
64  cards
8. Whole Tone, Pentatonic, Blues and Octatonic Scales
What are the names of four 20th c...,
What is a whole tone,
What is a whole tone scale
68  cards
9. Rewriting a Melody using a Key Signature
How you you determine the key of ...,
What are not used when rewriting ...,
How you you determine the key of ...
12  cards
10. Cadances - Perfect, Plagal and Imperfect
What is a cadence,
What are the three types of cadences,
What do roman numerals identify
39  cards
11. Transposition - Major Key to Minor Key
What is transposition,
What is transposition from a majo...,
What are the steps when transposi...
11  cards
12. Analysis, Italian Terms and Signs
What does accelerando mean,
When counting the number of measu...,
When all repeat signs are observe...
203  cards
Chords and Triads
What number of integer is used wh...,
What type of integer is used when...,
What sign is used to mean a dimin...
99  cards
Diatonic Chords
What are diatonic chords,
How many basic diatonic chords ar...,
What are scale degrees
97  cards
Seventh Chords
0  cards
Chord Identification
C major,
Name the two elements needed to i...,
Describe the steps needed to iden...
28  cards
Seventh Chords 2
What is a seventh chord with a di...,
What is a half diminished seventh...,
How is a half diminished seventh ...
43  cards

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agw music theory - intermediate

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