anatomy & physiology 101

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Chapter 5 - Tissues
Cartilage cells are also called,
Definition pseud,
Definition hist
222  cards
Chapter 2
At a cellular level biology becom...,
What are a cell s working parts c...,
Chemistry considers how what changes
152  cards
Chapter 3
Ribosomes are comprised of rna th...,
Hydrostatic refers to the pressur...,
The process in which a single cel...
112  cards
Chapter 1
The process of turning molecules ...,
The wrist is the most _____ part ...,
A _____ section divides the body ...
178  cards
Chapter 6 - Integumentary System - Understanding Words
10  cards
Chapter 6 - Integumentary System - Part 1
Two or more types of tissues grou...,
The largest organ in the body is the,
The skin and its various accessor...
82  cards
Chapter 6 - Integumentary System - Part 2
Accessory structures of the skin ...,
Each nail consists of a,
The whitish half moon area is cal...
70  cards
Chapter 6 - Integumentary System - Part 3
A normal response to injury or st...,
If a break in the skin is shallow...,
If an injury extends into the der...
26  cards
Chapter 8 - Joints of the Skeletal System - Understanding Words
9  cards
Chapter 8 - Joints of the Skeletal System
Classified structurally by the ty...,
Can also be grouped functionally ...
40  cards
Chapter 8 - Fibrous Joints
Articulating bones fastened toget...,
Fibrous joints are named because ...,
Fibrous joints are between bones in
13  cards
Chapter 8 - Cartilaginous Joints
What connects the bones of cartil...,
Articulating bones connected by h...,
When bands of hyaline cartilage u...
7  cards
Chapter 8 - Synovial Joints - General Structure of Synovial Joints
Articulating ends of bones surrou...,
Most joints of the skeletal syste...,
Synovial joints are diarthrotic b...
27  cards
Chapter 8 - Types of Synovial Joints
What are the six major types of s...,
Consists of a bone with a globula...,
The ovoid condyle of one bone fit...
13  cards
Chapter 8 - Examples of Synovial Joints - Shoulder Joints
What are the ligaments of the sho...,
Is composed of a broad band of co...,
Include three bands of fibers tha...
12  cards
Chapter 8 - Examples of Synovial Joints - Elbow Joints
The elbow joint includes these tw...,
The hinge joint of the elbow is b...,
The plane joint of the elbow is b...
9  cards
Chapter 8 - Examples of Synovial Joints - Hip Joints
The hip joint is a ____ joint,
The major ligaments of the hip jo...,
The ligament that consists of a y...
7  cards
Chapter 8 - Examples of Synovial Joints - Knee Joints
The knee joint is the largest and...,
The knee joint consists of the __...,
The ____ articulates anteriorly w...
19  cards
Chapter 8 - Terms of Movement
Decreasing the angle of the joint...,
Increasing the angle of the joint...,
Decreasing the angle of the ankle...
17  cards
Chapter 9 terms
Definition calat,
Definition erg,
Definition fasc
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