aqa a-level history: stuart britain

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Chapter 1: social basis of power
Who are the council political nation,
Parliament roles political nation,
Chancery court roles political na...
8  cards
Chapter 2: character, court and faves
James i character vs charles i ch...,
James i court vs charles i court,
James i favourites vs charles i f...
4  cards
Chapter 3: finance
Treaty of london date,
Treaty of london details and impact,
Impositions case date
29  cards
Chapter 4: religion
Gunpowder plot date,
Who were jesuits,
Define predestination
30  cards
Chapter 5&6: parliament
What were the 4 ancient privilege...,
Shirleys case date,
Shirleys case details and impact
33  cards
Chapter 7: Religion the sequel
When was laud made archbishop of ...,
Laudian characteristics,
Name the laudian measures
26  cards
Chapter 8: Personal Rule and the Short Parliament
What were the causes of the scott...,
What were the dates for charles i...,
Dates for short parliament
33  cards
Chapter 9: Long Parliament
When were laud and wentworth impe...,
Why was wentworth impeached by pa...,
Why did parliament bring in the b...
64  cards
Chapter 10: First Civil War
Ireland when was an anti catholic...,
Ireland who commanded forces arou...,
Ireland who made up the anti cath...
48  cards
Chapter 11: Second Civil War
Who were the political presbyteri...,
Who were the political independen...,
New model army who were the godly...
64  cards
Chapter 12: Social/Religious divisions
0  cards
Chapter 13: Failure of post-war settlement
What are seven factors in the fai...,
How did the new model army contri...,
What was the impact of the newpor...
13  cards

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aqa a-level history: stuart britain

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