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2.1 Cells
Function of cell membrane,
Function of cytoplasm,
Function of mitochondria
15  cards
2.2 Tissues And Organs
Name the size oder from cell to o...,
Give an example of the muscle chain,
What is a cell
17  cards
1.1 Keeping Healthy
What two things do you need to ke...,
What are carbohydrates fats and p...,
What are needed in small amounts
20  cards
1.1 (P2) Defence Against Disease
What is a pathogen,
What is a virus,
How do viruses attack you cells
36  cards
1.2 (P1) Nerves And Hormones
What is a stimulus,
What detects stimuli,
What detects light
14  cards
1.2 (P2) Control In The Body
What three ways can water be lost...,
What can too much water do,
What two ways can ions be lost fr...
26  cards
1.2 (P3) Control In Plants
What word is used to describe pla...,
Name the tropism in response to e...,
Name a plant hormone
6  cards
1.3 Drugs
What is a drug,
What is the order of the drug tes...,
Why are animals used at first bef...
25  cards
1.4 Interdependence And Adaptation
What do organisms require to survive,
What 4 factors do plants compete for,
What 3 factors do animals compete...
20  cards
1.5 Energy And Biomass
What is the source of energy for ...,
How much light is absorbed and by...,
What does light energy turn into ...
11  cards
1.6 Waste Materials From Plants And Animals
Why do materials decay,
What is the name for a microorgan...,
What optimum conditions do decomp...
14  cards
1.7 Genetic Variation And Its Control
What is a gamete,
Where is a chromosome found,
What do chromosomes have
31  cards
1.8 Evolution
What did charles darwin come up with,
What is the nemonic to remember t...,
What are the actual stages of evo...
7  cards
2.3 Photosynthesis
What is the word equation for pho...,
What is the balanced symbol equat...,
How is carbon dioxide obtained to...
12  cards
2.4 Organisms And Their Environment
What are the 5 physical factors t...,
What are the two types of quantit...,
When would you use random samplin...
4  cards
2.5 Proteins And Enzymes
What are proteins made from,
How is a specific protein shape f...,
Why is a specific protein shape i...
32  cards
2.6 Aerobic And Anaerobic Respiration
What are chemical reactions in ce...,
What is the word equation for aer...,
What is the balanced symbol equat...
18  cards
2.7 (P1) Cell Division
Are chromosomes normally in pairs...,
What are chromosomes made from,
What are genes
16  cards
2.7 (P2) Genetic Variation
What does sexual reproduction lea...,
How many chromosomes are in a hum...,
How many pairs are in a human bod...
27  cards
2.8 Speciation
Where does evidence for early lif...,
What are fossils,
How can fossils be formed
6  cards
3.1 (P1) Movement Of Molecules
What can dissolved substances mov...,
What does water move by,
What is diffusion
31  cards
3.1 (P2) Exchange Systems In Plants
How does carbon dioxide enter leaves,
Where are water and mineral ions ...,
How is the surface area of roots ...
18  cards
3.2 Circulatory System
What organ moves blood around the...,
Describe the journey of blood thr...,
Describe the journey of blood thr...
36  cards
3.3 Homeostasis
What is homeostasis,
Why is homeostasis important whic...,
What waste products are removed f...
47  cards
3.4 Humans And Their Environment
What does rapid growth and increa...,
What does waste lead to,
What can be polluted and by what
31  cards

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