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Methods of Protein Analysis
The covalent peptide bonds that l...,
Individual amino acid residues ca...,
Amino acid composition of a prote...
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Amino Acids and Protein Structure
What are the two main functional ...,
The vast majority of types of pro...,
Small in number of types large in...
113  cards
Highly specific extremely fast bi...,
Mutations in proteins and enzymes...,
Enzymes can be used as drugs an e...
155  cards
Heme Biosynthesis
Formed by linking 4 pyrole rings,
What are the three types of side ...,
What are the major components of ...
110  cards
Tools of Protein Biochemistry
What are two major types of elect...,
Separates molecules according to ...,
How many proteins are expressed i...
73  cards
Hemoglobin and Hemoglobinopathies
Is like a little computer sensing...,
Goes through a breathing motion a...,
Per fluorocarbons make liquids at...
115  cards
Introduction to Cell structure
The external boundary that serves...,
Segregates the internal structure...,
Cells that secrete peptides and p...
40  cards
Uses of Protein Structure in Molecular Medicine
What are two methods to determine...,
Allows us to see rpotein connecti...,
Not used for de novo drug design
12  cards
Protein Biochemistry and Hemoglobin Ebook
A very effective way to determine...,
One problem with antibody affinit...,
A recombinant fusion protein is g...
85  cards
DNA Introduction, Structure, Replication, and Repair
Macromolecule that stores and exp...,
In cellular organisms genes are c...,
What are four functions associate...
80  cards
Introduction to Nucleic Acids, DNA, Chromatin and Chromosome Structure
Store and express genetic informa...,
Joins dna segments to form hybrid...,
Every cell contains the exact sam...
80  cards
Transcription, RNA Processing, Gene Regulation, and Epigenetics
Besides the change between t and ...,
The unit of prokaryotic rna polym...,
What are the three stages of tran...
155  cards
Epigenetic Regulation in Health and Disease
Heritable changes in gene functio...,
What are some common modification...,
All of the epigenetic phenomena a...
75  cards
RNA to Protein
The study of the mechanisms of tr...,
Protein synthesis is very importa...,
The genetic code is degenerate wi...
107  cards
DNA repair mechanisms
Can produce a covalent linkage be...,
Repairs spontaneously occurring d...,
Repairs bulky helix distorting dn...
120  cards
Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine
The father of westernized medicin...,
A prominent example of how scient...,
In the early 1900s pellegra was c...
60  cards
Lynch Syndrome (Abali)
Individuals with lynch syndrome a...,
The majority of lynch syndrome pa...,
The lifetime risk of crc in lynch...
84  cards
Information Literacy Databases
The ability to know when informat...,
A general knowledge question,
A specific question about a speci...
11  cards
Tools of Molecular Genetics
Cut dna molecules at specific sit...,
Recognize palindromic read the sa...,
Once restriction enzymes recogniz...
105  cards
Practice Question Note Cards
Occurs when one allele of a gene ...,
Zinc atoms associate with domains...,
Where do pkas 1 2 and 3 occur
48  cards
Evidence Based Medicine
Allows us to draw from the sample...,
An efficient way to draw conclusi...,
Assume that an infinitely large p...
171  cards
Protein Folding, Misfolding, Aggregation, and Disease
Can form aggregates that interfer...,
Regulatory mechanisms that promot...,
Increased levels of misfolded pro...
86  cards
Protein Degredation
Besides just mutated or erroneous...,
The ubiquitin proteasome pathway ...,
In the upp pathway the targeted p...
106  cards
Hypoxia and Hif1 protein
Refers to a deficit in oxygen tha...,
Occurs in rapidly proliferating t...,
Maladaptive conditions including ...
80  cards
Measuring Risk
The risk of breast and prostate c...,
Characteristics associated with a...,
Some of the most powerful risk fa...
58  cards
Chi-Square Statistics
Data sets that are not contiguous...,
There is no mean median mode or n...,
Take on values that are names or ...
32  cards
Research Designs
When an elderly sample is selecte...,
When the population is selected f...,
When patients with certain charac...
53  cards
Diagnostic Test Characteristics
Indicated by fever headache fatig...,
Caused by the bacterium borrelia ...,
A serological test for lyme disea...
41  cards
Approach to Basic Prevention
Actions aimed at eradicating elim...,
The concept of prevention is best...,
Prevention before exposure ie san...
42  cards
Summarized Resources
What are the 4 as of evidence bas...,
The highest level of evidence the...,
Biased samples unrealistic method...
33  cards
Reading and Interpreting Medical Papers
Where can we find medical papers,
The types of articles in paper in...,
What are the contents of original...
56  cards
Patterns of Single Gene Inheritance
What are the mendelian patterns o...,
What are the three exceptions of ...,
Determined primarily by an allele...
103  cards
Mitochondrial Genome
Mitochondrial dna is always passe...,
Which process in the mitochondria...,
Does not provide nearly as much a...
106  cards
Introduction to Cell Structure II
Forms the interface between the c...,
Consists of a lipid bi layer with...,
Have very highly defined rers and...
110  cards
The Human Genome and Karyotype
The amount of dna in one copy of ...,
How many base pairs of dna do hum...,
How many genes do humans have
133  cards
Meiosis and Common Chromosomal Anomalies
Fertilization of a female oocyte ...,
How are autosomes and sex chromos...,
What is the centromere index
89  cards
Trinucleotide Repeat (TNR) Expansion Disorders
Repeating sequences of three nucl...,
Repeated numbers normally stay re...,
Replication errors can cause repe...
92  cards
Genetic Variations in Individuals and Populations
Optimizing drug therapies in the ...,
The study of inherited difference...,
Genetic variability can affect
71  cards
Population Genetics
Only 10 of human dna codes for ge...,
The promoter upstream of the 5 te...,
How many codons specify translati...
65  cards
Genetics of Common Disorders with Complex Inheritance and Personalized Medicine
What percent of the genome is ide...,
1 of the dna sequence between ind...,
Can be small insertions deletions...
66  cards
Huntington's Disease ICD
Caused by a trinucleotide repeat ...,
Poly glutamine protein that forms...,
What is the prevalence of hunting...
35  cards
Signaling Mechanisms Regulating Cell to Cell Communication
Cells can both sense their enviro...,
This form of communication underl...,
Include all of the proteins and c...
115  cards
Cell Membrane and Cell Polarity
Part of the plasma membrane which...,
Make up roughly 30 of the genome,
The lipid and protein interaction...
98  cards
Cytoskeleton I
Establishes cellular polarity,
Performs directional migration,
Responsible for the formation of ...
93  cards
Cytoskeleton II
Cellular movement migration intra...,
Involved in spindle assembly chro...,
Cleave the cell in the contractil...
95  cards
Vessicle trafficking: Endo and Exocytosis
The transfer of proteins is post ...,
Protein transfer to all organelle...,
Protein transfer to all organelle...
100  cards
Cell Junctions and Adhesion
Cell junctions are best observed in,
What are the types of cell junctions,
Define cell polarityand control t...
68  cards
The Extracellular Matrix in health and Disease
What are the four macromolecular ...,
What are the two major structural...,
Complex sugars that bind water an...
161  cards
Cell Cycle Control
Can be the basis of many differen...,
The basis of cancer,
Accounts for nearly one quarter o...
98  cards
Mechanisms of Cell Death: Apoptosis, Autophagy, and Necrosis
Programmed cell death ie death by...,
Catabolic process involving the d...,
Defined as the premature death of...
98  cards
Human Embryogenesis: Weeks 1-3 of Prenatal Development
The embryogenesis and embryonic p...,
The fetal period occurs from,
At the center of the 28 day menst...
83  cards
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Early Human Development
Fewer than 1 2 fertilized human e...,
Structural abnormalities that can...,
About 6 of individuals are born w...
90  cards
Development of the Neural Crest
Levels of bmp regulate nervous sy...,
Bmp near the midline is suppresse...,
Low levels of bmp allow the devel...
67  cards
Homeobox Genes
The important question of how do ...,
One advantage of using the fruit ...,
One advantage of using the mouse ...
87  cards
Stem Cells
What properties define stem cells,
Are unspecialized and can self renew,
Can be induced to differentiate i...
74  cards
Lecture NC's for Test 2 Week 2
Mostly function by dimerizing in ...,
An example of desensitization of ...,
What are the 4 classes of interme...
117  cards
Signaling Pathways and Development
What are two unique signaling pat...,
Involved in maintaining stem cell...,
The hh and wnt pathways have been...
98  cards
A disease in which a single cell ...,
Any abnormal new growth of cells ...,
Tumors neoplasms can be either
98  cards
Environmental Influences on Human Development
Toxic or infectious insults occur...,
States that if an action or polic...,
What are three highly potent xeno...
101  cards
Environmental Influences on Human Development (Part II)
Have a direct positive affect on ...,
Fish that is low in mercury and h...,
Which has more mercury solid whit...
71  cards
Cytology Lab 1
The two most common lm stains are,
What had a thinner section lm or em,
What is the theoretical limit of ...
76  cards
What are the four types of myeloi...,
What are the three types of lymph...,
The division of multipotential he...
41  cards

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