btec unit 3 health psychology (a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, c1, c2, c3)

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A1 - Stress
What resources may people use to ...,
What is stress,
What causes stress
4  cards
A1 - Griffith's 6 Components of Addiction
What are the 6 components,
What is physical psychological de...,
What is an example of physical an...
14  cards
A1 - Physiological & Behavioural Addictions
What is a physiological addiction,
What is behavioural addiction,
What is an example of a physiolog...
4  cards
A1 - Biomedical & Biopsychosocial
What is the definition of health,
How does the biomedical model def...,
What is the aim of the biomedical...
7  cards
A2 - Behaviourist Approach
What is secondary reinforcement,
What is an example of secondary r...,
What is primary reinforcement
11  cards
A2 - Cognitive Approach
What is cognitive dissonance,
Whats an example of cognitive dis...,
What is confirmation bias
4  cards
A2 - Learning Approach
What is vicarious reinforcement,
What is a role model
2  cards
A2 - Biological Approach
What is genetic predispostion,
How does genetic predisposition work,
What did vink 2005 aim for
11  cards
A3 - Self Efficacy Theory
What is self efficacy,
What can self efficacy influence,
What does high self efficacy lead to
11  cards
A3 - Theory of Planned Behaviour
What is the theory of planned beh...,
What are the three factors,
What is behavioural attitudes
7  cards
A3 - Locus of Control
What is locus of control,
What is internal locus of control,
What is external locus of control
7  cards
A3 - Health Belief Model
What is the health belief model,
What is percieved seriousness,
What is percieved susceptibility
9  cards
B1 - Stress
0  cards
B1 - Physiological Addiction
0  cards
B3 - Non-substance Related Addiction
0  cards
C1 - Theories of Persuasion
0  cards
C2 - Treatment and Management of Addiction
0  cards
C3 - Maintenance of behavioural change
0  cards

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btec unit 3 health psychology (a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3, c1, c2, c3)

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