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Cardio phyisology 1 - overview of the function of the cardiovascular system
What can the cardiovascular syste...,
What two systems in the cvs are i...,
What systems in the cvs are in pa...
38  cards
CVS physiology 2 - electical prperties of a heart
What are t tubercules,
Gap junctio
38  cards
CVS physiology 3 - ecg
What is the sll 1 lead,
What is sll2 lead,
What is the sll3 lead
45  cards
CVS physiology 4 - cardiac cycle
What is the first stage of the ca...,
What is the second stage of the c...,
What is the thirsd stage of teh c...
38  cards
cvs physiology 5 - regulatoin of stroke volume and heart rate
What type of molcule is used in s...,
Where is ciruclating adrenaline r...,
What type sympathetic of receptor...
42  cards
CVS physiology 6 - presure nd flow in arters and veins
What are korotkoff sounds,
What are hte disandves of manula ...,
What are the advantages of manaul...
40  cards
CVS physiology 7
What can a precapilly spinger do,
What do contius cappilarys have,
What do festeraed capily have
45  cards
CVS Physiology 9
What organ is makly resonisble fo...,
What are some functions of the ki...,
What specil part of blood is used...
35  cards
What is normal blood pressure,
What is teh effect of a 2mmhgh ri...,
What is the increaed risk of a ch...
66  cards
What is a atheroma,
Wher do athermoa often form,
What is the efect of aromoa
39  cards
CSV physiology 8
What hapens is map is too high,
What hapesn if map is to low,
Whear are the cartoid sinus baror...
21  cards
Cardiovascular drugs
What is meant by cardiovascular d...,
What aues atheroscois
25  cards
Thrombosis and pe
What is the word that describes n...,
43  cards
IPathophysioloyg of ischaemia and infraction
What are the types of hypoxia,
Hypoxic hypoxia
47  cards
Diet and cvd
What is meant by a chd,
What is meant by a strok,
What percent of stroke is due to ...
35  cards
What is angina,
What is stable angina causes,
When does myocardial oxygen deman...
60  cards
Acute coronary symptons
What is teh secon most common cau...,
What is acute cornary satyer symp,
What are the 5 symptos of mi
32  cards
stable coronary artery disease
What percent of the ciruclatrion ...,
What is coronary artery diseae,
What is stable atypical angina sy...
35  cards
Imaging in vascular diseaw
What are teh main types of vascua...,
What is teh role of vasucular imging,
What cell does ultrasound look at
17  cards
Diseases of the Thoracic arch
What doe ste righ sinus of the va...,
What does hte left suinsu fo the ...,
Wher eis the coraory sinuse
44  cards
Arterial occlusive disease
What are teh crural vessles,
What are the main types of arteri...,
57  cards
acute coronary syndrome
What are the waves for unstable a...,
What are the waves for a n stmei ...,
What are the wavs for stemi on an...
15  cards
What increase in size is needed f...,
What layers does an aneuysms effect,
What are teh risk factors for an ...
33  cards
Venous disease
What are the juctions where th su...,
What is teh fuctio of calf musle fpu,
What are risk factors for venous ...
35  cards
The pathophysiology of congestoin and oedema
What is an example of a local acu...,
What is an example of a local chr...
37  cards
arrhythmisa - pathophysiolgy presentation and investigation
1st degree heart block,
2nd degree heart blok movits type 1,
3rd degree heart block movits type 2
35  cards
arrhythmia therapy and drugs
What conditoin are classed as art...,
Class 1 drug type,
Example of class 1a
36  cards
chronic heart failure
What are teh signs of heart failure,
What are the symptoms of cardica ...,
What does the eupropan soc caroii...
35  cards
cvf drugs
What is left ventricular systolic...,
What is left venticar dystoic hea...,
What is examples of lloop diuretics
24  cards
Valvular disease
What are causes of mitral valve s...,
What isze is the mitral valv orif...,
What ishte effect on the lugns of...
40  cards
congenital heart disease
What are examples of copy no of c...,
What are examples of single nucle...,
Waht are exampesl of tertarogne g...
50  cards
Causes of dilated cariomoyph,
What cahmber ar ofeten dilated in...,
What can cause dilatec ca
39  cards
infective endocarditis
Defiion of ie,
What organs are effect by ie,
What are predisposin condtiosn fo...
23  cards
dvt and pe - venous thrmobemblism
What is a thrmbous made up of,
What causes the intrici pathway o...,
What cuases the entixic coaguatio...
37  cards
Ischeami herat disaes and valvular heart disease - cardiac surgurgy
What can be dangerous with corona...,
What are indicators for coronary ...,
What is requried for cabg
34  cards
cardo phyolgy 9 attempt 2
What is the role of renin,
Where is renin rpoved,
What incraess the production of r...
9  cards
What are teh clincal sings signs ...,
Marthans can couase psonoic pneum...,
3  cards

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