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Assessment Test
Which of these terms describes a ...,
Resource management concepts incl...,
This tool is often used in the ve...
50  cards
Ch 1. Review
1 what is the definition of a pro...,
What organization is recognized w...,
What is the term for a group of r...
20  cards
Ch 2. Review
You have identified all the key s...,
This person is responsible for au...,
This team member assists the proj...
20  cards
Ch 3. Review
The initiating phase includes whi...,
This person is responsible for au...,
Quality assurance performance mea...
20  cards
Ch 4. Review
Which of the following is not a k...,
The scope statement provides whic...,
Which of the following is a chara...
20  cards
Ch 5. Review
Which of the following is not tru...,
You are a project manager for a m...,
What is analogous estimating also...
20  cards
Ch 6. Review
Your project is underway and your...,
Which of the following helps to b...,
A team member has come to your of...
20  cards
Ch 7. Review
You are asked to prepare an estim...,
Top down estimating is another na...,
The total time it will take for o...
20  cards
Ch 8. Review
Why should you spend time develop...,
This person is responsible for un...,
There are four participants in yo...
20  cards
Ch 9. Review
You are a project manager for a p...,
Which of the following is not a t...,
This entity is responsible for re...
20  cards
Ch 10. Review
You want to assure version contro...,
You have just left a meeting with...,
You have just left a meeting with...
20  cards
Practice Exam 1
These project participants contri...,
What is the name of the resource ...,
You are a project manager for fou...
55  cards
Practice Exam 2
For what reasons should you creat...,
Your project sponsor wants to kno...,
Your organization underwent an in...
55  cards
Practice Test
Which of the following documents ...,
A project manager is managing a p...,
A project manager is unsure if th...
146  cards
Project Basics
What are the defining characteris...,
The project team is responsible f...,
What is a work breakdown structur...
204  cards
Project Constraints
Factors that may impact the chang...,
The steering committee originally...,
What does the acronym swot stand ...
101  cards
Communication and Change Management Plan
To help save costs and attract an...,
All of the following are reasons ...,
After a subject matter expert sme...
101  cards
Project Tools and Documentation
Ralph is the project manager for ...,
Which knowledge management tool w...,
During a weekly project meeting a...
100  cards

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