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Also Known As
Albert einstein,
Pauline esther friedman,
Esther pauline friedman
133  cards
Ancient History
Astronomical site in britain c 18...,
Sparta and athens war starting 43...,
Religion founded by lao tzu 520 bc
53  cards
Animal Kingdom
Suicidal rodent from antarctica,
Fox like,
Navigational method of bats
338  cards
Anniversary Gifts
Thirteenth anniversary gift,
Second anniversary gift,
Third anniversary gift
24  cards
Designer of white house,
Designer of us capital and boston...,
Designer of woolworth building in...
38  cards
Art and Artists
Artist designer of _adoration of ...,
Artist designer of _david_ sculpt...,
Artist designer of _the agrarian ...
147  cards
Astronomy and Space
First space walk,
First communications satellite,
Closest star
95  cards
Top award for music,
Us poetry award presented by yale...,
Award given for the best televisi...
38  cards
First king of israel,
Apostle who replaced judas,
The first apostle new testament
128  cards
Black History
Black underground railroad conductor,
Founder of _ebony_ and _jet_ maga...,
University integrated in 1962
80  cards
Business and Industry
Parent company of nbc,
Founder of kodak,
Top soy sauce maker
126  cards
Celebrity Relatives
Helen hayes son,
Jane pauley s husband,
Kyra sedgewick s husband
83  cards
_raging bull_ and _casino_ actor,
Directed _postcards from the edge_,
Best picture 2013
500  cards
City formerly known as new amsterdam,
Alamo city us,
City served by ronald reagan airport
138  cards
Civil War (US)
Lawrence ks raiders from missouri...,
Csa general victor at shenandoah ...,
Rebuilding the south after the us...
74  cards
Colleges and Universities
University location mississippi o...,
Us largest school for the deaf,
James vi s university
126  cards
Composer of _ the clock symphony ...,
Composer of _water music_,
Composer of _billy budd_ opera
149  cards
Great britain ballerina,
Hungary year of revolt against co...,
France premier 1906 1909 and 1917...
500  cards
_west side story_ and _fiddler on...,
Sailor s dance,
Italian dance
61  cards
Explorers Discoverers Inventors
Invented electric toaster,
Discovered radium,
Invented geometry
161  cards
Famous Names
Carthaginian who crossed the alps...,
Famous tight rope walking family
168  cards
Chief designer for christian dior...,
Bridal skullcap,
Glazed cotton fabric
56  cards
Turkey gravy or turkey innards,
Scottish dish of sheep innards an...,
Fruit sugar
132  cards
955 carat diamond in smithsonian,
Mutton fat nephrite,
Kashmir blue type of gem
79  cards
Holidays and Observances
Eight day jewish holidays,
State holiday of alaska,
Holiday represented with 44 candles
54  cards
Human Body
Tube traveling from the throat to...,
Fluid in womb,
Front thigh muscle
130  cards
Hong kong chinese,
Magna carta and book of kells lan...,
Old testament language
28  cards
Latin Phrases
Latin in matter of,
Latin seize the day,
Latin leaf
65  cards
Author of _the hobbit_,
Author of _barchester towers_,
_2001 a space odyssey_ computer
500  cards
Who was the lead singer of big br...,
Maynard ferguson s instrument,
Number of keys on a piano
278  cards
Daedalus built the labyrinth for ...,
Goddesses who controlled human de...,
God of shepherds and their flocks...
153  cards
Native Americans
Site where the sioux massacred 1890,
Indian corn,
Teton sioux chief
58  cards
Newspapers and Magazines
Daily newspaper with the largest ...,
Daily newspaper for military pers...,
Who created the comic strip _fami...
127  cards
Notorious People
Head of the gambino crime family ...,
Pair imprisoned for kidnapping bo...,
Couple executed in 1950s for sell...
58  cards
Organization founded by 33 scient...,
Sierra club founder,
Western european organization est...
50  cards
Plant Kingdom
A plant s male organ,
Rye and wheat hybrid,
Stinging plant
126  cards
Plays and Playwrights
Who wrote the play _othello_,
Who wrote the play _three tall wo...,
Who wrote the play _hedda gabler_
132  cards
Poets and Poetry
Poet who used only lower case let...,
First us poet laureate,
The harlem poet
122  cards
Potent Potables
Vodka galliano and orange juice,
Drink served before a meal,
Greek licorice flavored liquor
62  cards
Presidents 12th president,
Presidents 25th president,
Presidents who was president 1989...
500  cards
Islam holy book,
Christianity archbishop of cyprus,
Islam founder
102  cards
Revolutionary War
Virginia lawyer and war advocate,
Polish general who helped the col...,
General who captured montreal in ...
35  cards
Roman Empire
Roman name for france,
Roman wall in scotland,
Tiberius dates as emperor
50  cards
English royalty monarch 1509 1547,
The young chevalier,
Current royal of saudi arabia
250  cards
Founder of the friars he received...,
Female saint who followed st francis,
Cyrillic alphabet founder
37  cards
Wavelength just shorter than visi...,
Father of the hydrogen bomb,
The science of projectiles
157  cards
Seven Wonders
Seven wonder built by the ptolomies,
Seven wonder that s a huge statue...,
Seven wonder that s a tomb constr...
7  cards
Castle in _hamlet_,
What is the setting of _a midsumm...,
What character says the quality o...
43  cards
First steam powered ship to cross...,
Ship that sank on april 4 1912,
Robert fulton s ship
52  cards
Sickness and Health
Bacterial disease causing abdomin...,
Pyelonephritis is a disease of th...,
Gum doctor
92  cards
Summer olympics site 1936,
Summer olympics site 1912,
Winter olympics site 2002
197  cards
Andrew shue and grant show drama,
_twenty one_ host,
Longest running tv program
159  cards
United Nations
Us ambassador to un 1977 79,
Secretary general of the un 1997,
Secretary general of the un 1961 71
15  cards
US Government
Democratic presidential ticket 1984,
Constitutional amendments 26th,
Speaker of the house of represent...
120  cards
US History
Pennsylvania flood of 1889,
Party of the first two presidents,
He organized the us communist par...
234  cards
US States and Territories
Massachusetts senators,
North dakota rivers,
Alaska university
500  cards
Four square gospel founder,
Queen of the west,
Us ambassador to italy 1953
122  cards
World Geography
Falls between lakes erie and ontario,
Sea between china and korea,
Sea north of black sea and crimea...
258  cards
World War I
British german naval battle for t...,
Treaty ending first world war,
Female spy for germany in france ...
27  cards
World War II
Ww ii leader of 1942 air raid on ...,
Ww ii us third fleet commander,
Ww ii name for nagasaki bomb
81  cards
1990 is reference year for what y...,
Reference year for boar,
Sign for july 21 august 20
48  cards
Cinema 2
Vivian leigh best actress film 1939,
Sidney poitier best actor film 1963,
Directed _keystone kops_ series
112  cards
Countries 2
Romania sculptor,
Poland port,
Scotland ancient name
500  cards
Countries 3
Italy physicist,
The netherlands capital,
Kenya game reserve
336  cards
Literature 2
Author of _requiem for a heavywei...,
Author of _the republic_,
Author of _sex and the single girl_
500  cards
Literature 3
Author of _the old curiosity shop_,
Author of _oedipus at colonus_,
Author of nick and adam stories
41  cards
Presidents 2
Presidents harry s truman s state,
Presidents harry s truman s party,
Presidents harry s truman s vp
19  cards
US States and Territories 2
North carolina nickname,
North carolina national park,
North carolina author
15  cards

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