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Introduction to Cytogenetics
This is the study of life where g...,
This deals with the heredity and ...,
He was the one that suggested tha...
56  cards
Introduction to Cytology
This is a branch of genetics that...,
This puts focus on chromosomes an...,
He used a salamander in desribing...
55  cards
Animal Genus, Species, and Diploid Chromosome Number
What is the genus and specie of t...,
This is the,
This is the genus and specie of a...
20  cards
Cellular Division
These are the respective daughter...,
This is a type of cell division t...,
These are the respective daughter...
75  cards
Genetic Material
These are the three macromolecule...,
Dna is first isolated by this ind...,
This is the year where dna was di...
60  cards
Chromosome Introduction
These are structures which act as...,
These are the units of heredity,
This is the reason why in an acti...
39  cards
Chromosome Number of Animals and Plants
The chromosome number of humans,
The chromosome number of chimpanzee,
The chromosome number of dogs
14  cards
Chromosome Structure and Identification
These are the parts of a chromosome,
These are ways on how to classify...,
These are composed of 22 pairs of...
45  cards
Staining and Banding
This is defined as the part of a ...,
This is the year and conference t...,
This is the reason why banding an...
54  cards
Population Genetics
These are a group of individuals ...,
These are a set of all genes in a...,
This concerns with the genetic tr...
24  cards
Numerical Aberrations
These are types of chromosomal ab...,
These are the major chromosomal a...,
These are abnormalities that have...
58  cards
Structural Aberrations
This is the meaning for iscn,
This is the concept wherein each ...,
This is the lowest number closes ...
75  cards
Cytogenic Notations
This is the normal female karyotype,
This is the normal male karyotype,
This is
14  cards
Cancer Cytogenetics
This is multiple and sequential g...,
This is the process of all blood ...,
This is the starting cell wherein...
85  cards
Diagnostic Cytogenetics
These are the importance of cytog...,
This cytogenetic analysis techniq...,
True or false cells being karyoty...
71  cards

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