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Chapter 39 - Normal Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Pelvis
The absence of menstruation,
Position of the uterus when the u...,
Position of the uterus when the u...
45  cards
Chapter 10 - The Liver
Area superior to the liver that i...,
Smallest lobe of the liver situat...,
Area between the right and left h...
35  cards
Chapter 9 - The Vascular System Fill In The Blanks
The _______________ passes anteri...,
The _______________ supplies the ...,
The aorta continues to flow in th...
36  cards
Chapter 9 - The Vascular System
Tunica media,
Tunica adventitia,
Tunica intima
51  cards
Chapter 40 - The Sonographic and Doppler Evaluation of the Female Pelvis
Structure or tissue next to or ne...,
Tipped forward,
Small vessels found along the per...
25  cards
Chapter 42 - Pathology of the Ovaries
Substance that stimulates the dev...,
Small endocrine structure that de...,
Malignant tumor that forms cysts
23  cards
Chapter 41 - Pathology of the Uterus
Benign invasive growth of the end...,
Hyperplastic protrusion of the ep...,
Acquired condition with obstructi...
25  cards
Chapter 43 - Pathology of the Adnexa
Benign invasive growth of the end...,
An organism that causes a great v...,
Localized tumor of endometriosis ...
15  cards
Chapter 44 - The Role of Ultrasound in Evaluating Female Infertility
Technologies that use male and fe...,
A technique that follows in vitro...,
A hormonal substance that stimula...
8  cards
Chapter 11 - The Gallbladder and the Biliary System
Small polypoid projections from t...,
Small opening in the duodenum in ...,
Yellow pigment in bile formed by ...
31  cards
Chapter 12 - The Pancreas
Cells that perform exocrine function,
Enzyme secreted by the pancreas t...,
Lies in the midepigastrium anteri...
36  cards
Chapter 11 - The Gallbladder and the BIliary System Fill In The Blanks
The gallbladder serves as a reser...,
The common hepatic duct is joined...,
The main pancreatic duct joins th...
48  cards
Chapter 12 - The Pancreas Fill In The Blanks
The pancreas is located in the __...,
The pancreatic gland appears sono...,
The major posterior vascular land...
26  cards
Chapter 14 - The Urinary System
Small artery that carries blood i...,
Small arteries that lie at the ba...,
Laboratory measurement of the amo...
37  cards
Chapter 15 - The Spleen
Results from failure of fusion of...,
A metabolic disorder marked by am...,
Anemia caused by antibodies produ...
41  cards
Chapter 16 - The Retroperitoneum
Condition caused by hyposecretion...,
Smooth round homogeneous benign t...,
A hormone secreted by the pituita...
13  cards
Chapter 17 - The Peritoneal Cavity and Abdominal Wall
Localized collection of pus,
Accumulation of serous fluid in t...,
Most dependent areas in the flank...
16  cards
Chapter 45 - The Role of Sonography in Obstetrics
Bleeding from a normally situated...,
Aspiration of a sample of amnioti...,
Smooth membrane enclosing the fet...
32  cards
Chapter 46 - Clinical Ethics for Obstetric Sonography
Self governing or self directing ...,
Bringing about good by maximizing...,
Holding information in confidence...
11  cards
Chapter 22 - The Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
Benign thyroid neoplasm character...,
Rare undifferentiated carcinoma o...,
Remnant of embryonic development ...
34  cards
Chapter 22 - Thyroid Fill in The Blanks
The thyroid straddles the trachea...,
Along the anterior surface of the...,
The parathyroid glands are normal...
27  cards
Chapter 48 - First Trimester Complications
Partial or complete absence of th...,
Gestational sac without an embryo,
Congenital absence of the brain a...
24  cards
Chapter 47 - The Normal First Trimester
Cavity in which the fetus exists ...,
Surrounds the amniotic cavity the...,
Invasive diagnostic genetic testi...
23  cards
Chapter 49 - Sonography of the Second and Third Trimesters
The ventricles of the heart come ...,
The portion of the cerebral ventr...,
Indicates that the fetal head is ...
50  cards
Chapter 26 - The Pediatric Abdomen
Describes the absence or deficien...,
Inflammation of the appendix,
Fecalith or calcification located...
19  cards
Chapter 27 - The Neonatal and Pediatric Kidneys and Adrenal Glands
Occurs when the fetus is stressed...,
Lie at the base of the medullary ...,
Congenital polycystic kidney dise...
36  cards
Chapter 50 - OB Measurements and Gestational Age
Measurement at the level of the s...,
Fetal parameters of size and prop...,
Absence of one cyclops or both eyes
27  cards
Chapter 51 - Fetal Growth Assessment by Sonography
Sum of the four quadrants of amni...,
Assessment of fetus to determine ...,
Incorporation of all fetal growth...
12  cards

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