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chapter 12 Q and A's
True or false mechanical scanning...,
T or f many active elements fire ...,
T or f many active elements fire ...
15  cards
Chapter 12
Loss of entire image,
Dropout of image information from...,
Erratic steering and focusing the...
17  cards
Ch 13
Static imaging,
Real time imaging,
Duplex imaging
31  cards
Ch 13 Q & A
Which of the following forms of r...,
Which of the following is consist...,
All of the following decrease tem...
25  cards
Study guide 12-13
What transducer type is if the cr...,
What is the typical value for ele...,
What transducer creates a beam th...
33  cards
Ch 15
Gray scale,
50  cards
Ch 15 Q & A
Which electronic compnenet is req...,
Which of the following scan conve...,
Which of these statements regardi...
25  cards
Ch 14 Q &A
All of the following are componen...,
This type of pulser generates a c...,
This type of transducer generates...
9  cards
Ch 14
Master synchronizer,
29  cards
Study guide 14, 15
1 which component organizes in ti...,
2 which component excites the cry...,
3 choose the area on tgc where at...
29  cards
Reverse chapter 15
2 shades black and white high con...,
Multiple levels of graylow contrast,
Real world numbersunlimited of ch...
50  cards
14 reverse
Converts electrical to acoustic e...,
Communicatesorganizes and times t...,
Determines the amplitude prp and ...
29  cards
Ch 16, 17 Quiz Review
What the requirements are for con...,
Fundamental frequency what is the...,
What behavior creates harmonics
12  cards
Ch 18, 19, and 20 Key Terms
33  cards
Study guide for 18, 19, 20
Movement of fluid from one locati...,
Fluid moving with a variable velo...,
Movement of fluid from one locati...
43  cards
study guide 21, 22, 23
1 which of the following describe...,
2 what about images that are not ...,
3 structure without echoes how do...
45  cards
FInal part I
1 25 million hz another way to wr...,
2 what do we call a sound that is...,
3 know about which items are dete...
87  cards
FInal part II
Based on the acquisition and revi...,
2 contrast shrinking and swelling,
3 primary investigative technique...
85  cards
Doppler shift doppler frequency,
What is the difference between re...,
When reflected frequency is highe...
67  cards
Artifacts and Hemodynamics
Errors in imaging,
Causes of artifacts,
Six basic assumptions of imaging ...
39  cards
SPI review
Typical values for period,
Typical values of frequency,
Amplitude can have units of
48  cards
SPI Review
Reciprical of 001,
Reciprical of 1 10,
How much bigger is one billion th...
100  cards
SPI review 2
Attenuation coefficient and its u...,
Attenuation cefficient is directl...,
Attenuation coeff does not change...
103  cards
SPI review 3
A mode,
A mode x axis,
A mode y axis
123  cards
SPI Review 4
Odd field are written by the elct...,
How long does it take to create o...,
On typical tv a complete image is...
101  cards
SPI review 5
Flow towards the transducer,
Flow away from trans,
The doppler shift ranges from
71  cards

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