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1: Intro to Ecology
3 major biological principles gov...,
45  cards
Video (hw) terms
Facilitated diffusion,
4 groups of plants
22  cards
2: Adaptations to Aquatic Environments
Abiotic factors,
96 of all elements
49  cards
3: Adaptations to Terrestrial Environments
What is special about camels adap...,
Soil nutrients that plant needs,
Water potential
81  cards
Ch.2 Practice Quiz
What happens when water cools bel...,
How does the viscosity of water a...,
Sample standard deviation
10  cards
Chapter 4: Adaptations to Variable Environments
3 types of genotypes,
68  cards
Chapter 20: Movement of Energy in Ecosystems
Terrestrial biomes depend on,
Aquatic biomes depend on,
Primary producers
68  cards
Ch. 3 Quiz
Which soil particle has the highe...,
Which type of soil has the most a...,
What process assists root pressur...
9  cards
Chapter 21: Movement of Elements in Ecosystems (water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous)
Dead zone,
Direct effects of summer algal bl...,
Indirect effects of summer algal ...
82  cards
Ch. 4 quiz
What is an important distinction ...,
An organism moving through areas ...,
An organism can survive in cold t...
10  cards
Ch. 20 quiz
The difference b w gross primary ...,
Which process is used to measure ...,
Does silicon limit net
9  cards
Ch. 21 quiz
Units for ecological efficiencies,
Why are ecological efficiencies h...,
Movement of water from oceans to ...
26  cards
practice quiz
Use the example of the california...,
Explain how increased atmospheric...,
How does size affect heat exchang...
19  cards
Ch.6: Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes
Convergent evolution,
2 characteristics that determine ...
64  cards
Ch. 7: Evolution and Adaptation
Traits are a combination of ____ ...,
Deoxyribonucleic acid dna,
Nucleotides __ ___ ___
122  cards
ch. 7 quiz
The distribution of different org...,
Lamarck believed,
Which theory was helpful to darwi...
11  cards
Chapter 8: Life histories
Life history,
On average ___ offspring produced...,
2 variations in life history
25  cards
Chapter 9: reproductive strategies
Sexual reproduction,
Asexual reproduction,
Vegetative reproduction
51  cards
Chapter 11: population distributions
Fundamental niche,
Realized niche,
Geographic range
58  cards
evolution practice exam
People embracing the idea of the ...,
Ancient whales as seen from fossi...,
The oldest fossils
16  cards
ch. 9 quiz
The benefits of sexual reproducti...,
The red queen hypothesis states that,
Given that self fertilization can...
9  cards
Chapters 12 and 13: population ecology
Population ecology,
72  cards
Ch. 11 Quiz
What is the diff b w population d...,
Realized niche,
The american bullfrog is native t...
10  cards
Ch. 12/13 quiz
What is the difference in approac...,
Sessile organisms,
What is not accounted for in a mo...
11  cards
Ch. 10: Social Behavior
Social behavior,
Benefits of living in groups,
Costs of living in groups
47  cards
ch. 18: community structure
Interdependent communities,
Independent communities
76  cards
ch. 19: community succession
Seral stage,
Pioneer species
64  cards
Ch. 18 Community Ecology (Part 2)
Species diversity is affected by,
5 shapes of graphs for the correl...,
The most commonly shaped curve fo...
40  cards
Ch. 18 pre-quiz
What are the differences b w the ...,
Given that the distributions of m...,
What did robert whittaker s data ...
10  cards
Ch. 14: predation and herbivory
Introduced species exotic species...,
Invasive species,
61  cards
Ch. 16: Competition
Competition is a,
Resources for animals include
51  cards
ch. 16 pre-quiz
Which is a nonrenewable resource,
T f water is a nonrenewable resource,
How is liebig s law of the minimu...
11  cards
Ch. 17: Mutualism
42  cards

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