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What is associated with hypokalaemia,
Glucagon effect on the heart,
Pathway of csf
333  cards
Lower GI
Treatment of colon cancer with li...,
Conditions associated with anal f...,
Mx of ibd with megacolon who has ...
65  cards
Mx of snuffbox pain but no obvs f...,
Features of neck of femur fracture,
Osteomalacia biochem profil
206  cards
Most likely conditions to cause c...,
Imaging if pregnant lady has abdo...,
What appendicitis can cause negat...
37  cards
Upper GI
Post gastectomy complications,
Dieulafoy lesion,
Feeding in cva with unsafe swallow
41  cards
Hepato-billary pancreatic
Of patient s undergoing cholecyst...,
Cholecystitis mx,
Calot triangle
34  cards
Physiology RESP Book
What lung volumes cannot be measu...,
What is frc,
What is erv
23  cards
Physiology Cardio book
Cardiovascular changes in pregnancy,
Frank starling law,
Bp in each area of heart and pulm...
43  cards
Physiology GI Book
Components of gallstones,
How much bile is produced in 1 day,
Drugs that induce cyp450
34  cards
Physiology Renal Book
Normal intravesical pressure,
Cause of cell uptake of potassium
23  cards
Physiology Endocrine Book
Factors promoting gh production,
Gh metabolic functions,
Metabolic function of cortisol
43  cards
Physiology neuro Book
Major neural pathways in spinal cord,
Best clinical sign of compartment...,
Ulcer forming from head trauma
25  cards
Physiology Thyroid Book
How is iodine converted to iodide,
Process of making thyroid hormones,
Composition of thyroid hormones i...
28  cards
Anatomy Thorax Book
Course of oblique fissure,
Course of right horizontal fissure,
Where do the lung pleura meet and...
38  cards
Anatomy Abdomen Book
Spermatic cord contents,
Layers of scrotum and there corre...,
Borders of inguinal canal
95  cards
Anatomy Upper limb and Breast Book
Sections of axillary artery,
Branches of axillary artery,
Function of rhomboids
43  cards
Anatomy lower limb Book
Where to test sensation of deep p...,
Where to test sensation of superf...,
Nerve supply to sole of foot
39  cards
Anatomy Head, neck and spine Book
Layers of scalp,
Branches of external carotid,
Where does the facial nerve leave...
126  cards
Anatomy nervous system
Order of nerves from brachial plexus,
Saphenous nerve is a branch of
91  cards
Pathology Book
Types of necrosis,
Cause of inflammation cellular wise,
Main cell in acute inflammation
135  cards
Pathology eMRCS
Reporting of investigations in br...,
Prominent oxyphil cells and scant...,
Papillary carcinoma histological ...
426  cards
Pre/post operative care
When should you stop ferrous sulp...,
Bowel regime for bowel imaging,
Fluid management of surgical pati...
236  cards
Where are paneth cells present,
Half life of platelets,
Tx of patient with low bp high k ...
973  cards
Management of profuse bleeding liver,
Management of burn victim that co...,
Formula for fluid resuscitation f...
186  cards
Critical care
Interpretation of paop,
Calculation of svr,
Presentation of lead poisoning an...
4  cards
Abdo surgery
Which hernias can only be found i...,
Only arteries supplying rectus ab...,
If difficult access in aaa surger...
340  cards
Breast surgery
Ix of breast,
Arterial supple of breast,
Which muscles do the breasts lie on
91  cards
Surgical technique
Scenarios that result in secondar...,
Third intention wound healing,
Stages in wound healing and cell ...
59  cards
Blood supply of thyroid,
Venous supply of thyroid,
Synthesis of thyroid hormones
96  cards
Head and neck surgery
Epidemiology of sjorgrens,
Features of acute otitis external,
Features of acute otitis media
226  cards
Cervical rib symptoms,
Test for cervical rib,
Management of takayasu arteritis
107  cards
Upper limb
Which structure does cephalic vei...,
How many dorsal interrossei are t...,
How many palmar interrossei are t...
90  cards
Pelvic anatomy
Which structures are a hydrocele ...,
If there is a rupture of the uret...,
Roots supplying external anal sph...
75  cards
Lower limb
What root is extension of big toe,
Which tendon lies medial to dorsa...,
Origin of triceps heads
93  cards
Where metallic valves are located...,
Root of lung ant to posterior,
Which muscles are closely related...
121  cards
Principles of prostate cancer man...,
Management of bph,
Torsion of testes vs appendage
150  cards
Features of actinomycosis,
Diarrhoea with hiv,
Large tonsils petechial haemorrha...
74  cards
Inguinal hernia mx in infant,
Neonate with decreased air entry ...,
Neonate with episodes of choking ...
126  cards
Oxford SBA book
Which cells are essential to woun...,
Collagen constitution and distriu...,
Example of physiological metaplasia
237  cards
Basic Science MRCS Physiology
Which body parts have higher temp...,
When is temperature highest in me...,
Sx of hypothermia
218  cards
Skin Lesions
Mx of lesion with regular borders...,
Factor with greatest bearing on p...,
Bcc types
34  cards
Surgical disorders of the brain
Risk of head injury requiring hae...,
Post car crash gcs 15 then gcs 3 ...,
Acute vs chronic subdural haeamto...
12  cards
Organ transplants
Antibodies in hyperacute rejection,
What analgesia should be avoided ...,
Most important hla to match
23  cards
Stats in surgery
Assuming that the results are nor...,
Properties of normal districbution,
Types of audit
38  cards
Tissues formed from mesoderm,
Tissues formed from ectoderm,
Tissues formed from endoderm
48  cards

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