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Ch. 4 Ecology: Microbiology
The study of small living organis...,
Bacteria are ___ celled organisms
116  cards
Ch. 8: Skin Physiology
The study of the functions of skin,
The skin performs six primary fun...,
___ are tiny openings that allow ...
183  cards
Ch. 6: Electricity
A ____ is a measure of how much e...,
Electricity is a form of energy t...,
The flow of electricity moving al...
160  cards
Ch. 7: Chemistry
____ chemistry deals with all mat...,
The process of a substance losing...,
_____ are matter with a definite ...
145  cards
Ch. 10: Facials
Regular exercise a well balanced ...,
How often is the basic regimen of...,
What step in the basic skin care ...
113  cards
Ch. 9: Client Care
Offering a friendly smile welcomi...,
Which element is usually the firs...,
The nonverbal gesture that convey...
89  cards
Ch. 12: Makeup Design
What are the 3 pure colors known as,
What face shape is represented by...,
What term refers to the vibrancy ...
93  cards
Ch. 5: Anatomy - In Depth
What is the process by which cell...,
A bodys metabolic rate or speed i...,
What is the process of building u...
100  cards
Ch. 5: Anatomy - Test 1
Anatomy is the study of ___ and _...,
What are the 4 building blocks of...,
What are the 10 basic body systems
74  cards
Ch. 5: Anatomy - Skeletal & Muscular
What encloses and protects the br...,
How many bones make up the cranium,
Of the 14 bones that make up the ...
71  cards
Ch. 11: Hair Removal
Waxing shaving and chemical depil...,
The stage in which the hair begin...,
What is the phase in which the ha...
53  cards
Ch. 13: Advanced Treatments
Sunburn fungal infections and hig...,
Which hand and foot treatment pro...,
What step is the first to be comp...
91  cards
100 Question Test (State Board Theory)
Energy in food is measured by,
The science that studies relation...,
A condition that numbs and weaken...
202  cards
Ch. 14: Esthetics in the Medical Field
Performed for esthetic and recons...,
Can improve visible signs of agin...,
The use of chemical solutions to ...
88  cards
Ch. 2: Professional Development
A one or two page outline that de...,
What color of paper is recommende...,
Professional resume writers recom...
52  cards
Ch. 3: Business Basics
The central company document that...,
An exit plan market potential and...,
What are the three basic elements...
18  cards

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