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Adult Health Maintenance
Examples of primary prevention,
Examples of secondary prevention,
Examples of tertiary prevention
25  cards
Dyspnea (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Chronic bronchitis,
Sob caused by the enlargement of ...,
29  cards
Acute Low Back Pain
What are some red flag symptoms o...,
Increasing neurologic defiicits l...,
How to manage cauda equina syndrome
17  cards
Acute Diarrhea
What causes 90 of acute diarrhea,
Travelers to mexico
22  cards
Upper Respiratory Infection
Name some specific microbes virus...,
Common presentation of acute bron...,
Typical physical exam findings fo...
45  cards
Lower GI Bleeding
Common symptoms of anemia,
Risk factors for presenting in sh...,
T f hematochezia always means low...
30  cards
Difference between pneumonia and ...,
Most common mechanism triggering ...,
Most common viral causes of commu...
31  cards
Geriatric Anemia
Who definition of anemia,
Highest and lowest rates of anemi...,
Commonly reported symptoms of ane...
22  cards
Microscopic hematuria,
Etiologies of hematuria name thre...,
Glomerular hematuria characteristics
18  cards
Thyroid Disease
Presenting symptoms of hyperthyro...,
Physical exam findings of hyperth...,
Acute hypermetabolic state associ...
34  cards
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Apnea vs hypopnea,
Pathophysiology of osa
22  cards
Z score vs t score,
26  cards
Geriatric Health Maintenance
Typical presentation of presbyacusis,
Examples of iadl,
Examples of adl
30  cards
Alarm features of gi upset,
Environmental and host factors th...,
Ibs usually occurs with what othe...
11  cards
Red flag symptoms of headache,
Sudden onset headache maximum sev...,
Headaches increasing in seveirty ...
30  cards
Dyspepsia and Peptic Ulcer Disease
Rome iii criteria for dyspepsia,
Name some alarm symptoms for whic...,
Consideration for patients younge...
27  cards
Bp goals for under 60 over 60 and...,
Htn can lead to,
Secondary causes of htn
20  cards
Tobacco Use
5 as for discussing smoking cessa...,
Strategy to enhance motivation,
Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal
13  cards
Skin Lesions
Most important risk factor for de...,
Other risk factors for skin cance...,
Types of melanoma 1 not quite a m...
23  cards
Mechanism of statin,
Statins should be implemented in ...,
Statins should be implemented in ...
22  cards
Diabetes Mellitus
Different criteria for diagnosis ...,
What can you measure to different...,
When does glucosuria occur
30  cards
Abdominal pain diarrhea non blood...,
Types of neuropathies associated ...,
Mononeuropathy commonly associate...
27  cards
Joint Pain
Substances that can exacerbate gout,
How to diagnose goat,
Difference between gout and septi...
30  cards
MSK Injuries
Most commonly injured foot ligament,
What to doctors use to determine ...,
How to manage ankle sprains
10  cards
Abdominal Pain and Vomiting in Child
Presentation of intussuception,
Patient presenting with intususse...,
Most common cause of gi obstructi...
10  cards
Health Maintenance in Women
When to start checking lipids wom...,
Risks of postmenopausal hormone r...,
Risk factors for breast cancer
7  cards
Vaginal Infections
Thick whitish discharge odorlesss...,
Budding yeast or pseudohyphae on ...,
Treatment for candida
18  cards
Clinical course of hiv,
Categories stages of hiv,
How to diagnose hiv
14  cards
Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia i...,
Red cell fragments on smear uncon...,
In hemolysis what is elevated bes...
16  cards

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