foundation medicine

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ANATOMY Intro to Clinical language
Name structure labelled a,
Name the structures labelled a,
Name structure labelled a
79  cards
Where are baroreceptors located,
Process of baroreceptor activation,
What happens to baroreceptor firi...
52  cards
What is a conceptus,
34  cards
Cell replication
What are the proteins involved in...,
What are the roles of an intracel...,
What proteins comprise microtubules
83  cards
Biochemistry from Principles Collated Flashcards
Bond strengths in order strongest...,
Oxidation states of carbon,
What is the function of micelle
190  cards
Anatomy - Theory
The outer material of bones is di...,
What is the name of the bone with...,
How does cancellous bone compensa...
396  cards
Genetics COPY from Principles Collated Flashcards
2 factors of a disease,
What processes occur in a 5 3 dir...,
What is the dna backbone composed of
132  cards
Microbiology Cameron McCloskey
Gram organisms stainapurplestain ...,
Gram organisms stainapinkthinner ...,
Endotoxin is produced byagram org...
181  cards
Histology Cameron McCloskey
The plasmalemma is known by which...,
Many proteins are anchored into t...,
What are the three types of filam...
157  cards
Immunology Cameron McCloskey
Physical and chemical barriers in...,
When would immunosuppression be u...,
Describe the properties of the sk...
257  cards
Biochemistry Cameron McCloskey
How do catalysts function,
What is the transition state inte...,
What is glycogen storage disease ...
187  cards
Anatomy - Theory COPY
The outer material of bones is di...,
What is the name of the bone with...,
How does cancellous bone compensa...
396  cards
Principles Anatomy Diagrams
Name structure labelled a,
Name structure labelled a,
Name structure labelled a
120  cards
Pathology Cameron McCloskey
What is cancer,
What is a tumour,
What is a neoplasm
141  cards
Pharmacology Cameron McCloskey
What is the difference between ph...,
Drugs which act on receptors can ...,
What is affinity
216  cards
Evidence Based Medicine
What is ebm,
Systematic review,
Meta analysis
11  cards
Public Health
How was epidemiology exemplified,
Public health issues,
Challenges of feeding the world
22  cards
Human Factors
Non technical skills,
What placed at the centre of the ...,
S pearson is intened to take an a...
4  cards
Strengths of x rays,
Weaknesses of x rays,
How do x rays produce an image
15  cards
Physiology COPY
What do membranes do,
What is the plasma membrane,
What does cholesterol add to plas...
161  cards
Sagittal plane
72  cards
Each human has how many pairs of ...,
G0 phase of the cell cycle,
G1 phase of the cell cycle
65  cards
Immunology of the Gut
What is the antigen load of the g...,
What is the active stage of the gut,
What is required for immune homes...
72  cards

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