fundamentals in blood bank

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Anti Human Globulin Test ( Chapter 5 )
Anti human globulin test is also ...,
This antibodies are also termed a...,
Where does the ahg binds
73  cards
Relationship Testing
Described the charged polymorphis...,
Demonstrate that the abo blood gr...,
We re officially recognize by the...
22  cards
Compatibility Testing
Consist of mixing donors serum to...,
True or false it is necessary to ...,
Give the 6 causes of positive res...
17  cards
Leukocyte Antigen and Relationship Testing ( Chapter 21 )
Is a specialized branch or divisi...,
The first known hla molecule,
Is a series of closely linked gen...
16  cards
Significant HLA Disease Association
Hla dr2,
4 disease associated with hla b27,
Pemphigus vulgaris 3 hla marker
20  cards
Quality Management ( Chapter 23 )
The degree to which a product or ...,
The building blocks of quality,
Blood bank compliance with federa...
43  cards
Medicolegal and Ethical Aspects of Providing Blood Collection and Transfusion Services ( Chapeter 27)
Is defined as any wrong doing for...,
The details of how laws are to be...,
Is the basis for most lawsuits
14  cards
Transfusion Medicine
A multidisciplinary specialty enc...,
Is the administration of whole bl...,
Types of transfusion
25  cards
Blood Components and Deriviatives
2 fxn of whole blood,
Fxn of packed red blood cell,
Volume of packed red blood cell
50  cards
Blood Components and Derivatives part 2
It is the component remaining aft...,
Vol of cryopoor plasma,
Shelf life of cryopoor plasma
42  cards
Transfusion Reaction
0  cards
Deferrals Part 1
Abortion miscarriage w o dilatati...,
Abortion miscarriage with dilatat...,
Acne vulgaris lesion not active o...
50  cards
Deferrals Part 2
All types of cancer,
Candidiasis thrush monilial infec...,
50  cards
Deferrals Part 3
Filariasis infection,
Took medication during filariasis...,
Fracture with surgical intervention
55  cards
Deferrals part 4
Peptic ulcer,
50  cards
Deferrals part 5
Travel to uk and republic of irel...,
Travel to malaria endemic area tr...
50  cards
Other Technologies and Automation
Therapy for ihtr,
Therapy for dhtr,
Sign and symptom for intravascula...
17  cards

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